Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I'm really cutting it close here!  I've known about the #UBP14 for a long time coming but ever since I had my second child, blogging has been the farthest from my mind (well not really, just haven't found the time!)

Anywho, I've jumped in on this party for the last couple of years.  It's too fun to pass up.. and I've stumbled on to some blogs that I love to follow and have gained some lovely new followers along the way.
Thanks for hosting 5MinutesforMom!

I would like to make my introduction short and sweet since my little two week old love bug will probably wake up any second!

First off, thank you for stopping by.  I started my blog, The Backwards Bride in October of 2011 to document my Hubs and I's upcoming 2012 wedding.  The name describes me well:  Child first, marriage later.  

How do I describe myself?
○ Mommy of (now two!)
○ Wifey
○ Lifestyle/Mommy Blogger
○ Dining Manager at a private Country Club
○ Lover of coffee and wine (when I can have it!)
○ Runner
○ Thirty-One Consultant

I like to blog about my life, recipes and my thrifty findings.

... of course I wouldn't say Goodbye without showing off our newest addition...

After wanting another baby for so long, we finally got her!
Meet little Miss Lilyana.
The late nights and no sleep are worth (though sometimes I cry over it...)  It's all worth it.

If you're stopping by from the Blog Party, don't be a stranger!
Leave me a comment so I can stop by and check you out.

♥And then they were four♥