Thanksgiving Holiday!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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A couple days late, I do apologize!  It’s been quite the busy holiday weekend.  Let me start with Thanksgiving day.  I worked 9AM-4PM.  Yes.  BOO!  I would have rather had a nice lazy morning with my little family but ah well… shit happens.  The great thing about it is, my family waited for me to get off work to start the Thanksgiving prayer and grubbing!  This never happens since I normally get off later in the evening.  I felt so special and loved!

The next greatest thing that happened was…
I went to see BREAKING DAWN!  It was definitely worth waiting a week to see.  Though, I think I set my hopes way too high.  But I do know this, Breaking Dawn Part dos will be much more amazing.  I just wish it wouldn’t take another year to come out!

I won’t even talk about Friday because nothing fun or eventful happened besides going to work.   BUT, I did take off Saturday for an important event… my sister’s birthday celebration. J  During the day we went shopping.  Advice to everyone out there:  Do not go shopping after Black Friday because there is nothing good left!  I could not find one of what I call “going out tops.”  Though, I did find a cute pair of $15 jeans from Old Navy.  Just wait until Cyber Monday which is what I’ll be doing next year instead.  ANYWHO, we went out to Guapos for her birthday dinner.  The 27oz margaritas were quite amazing… and potent!  

And then Jenny gets quite the surprise…  

You can imagine what has happened here!  Then off to Velocity 5 we go for more drinks and dancing.  Now let me remind you, I do not to get out and play with adults very much at all anymore.  But when I do, I certainly do it up!  Lots of shots, lots of dancing.  

Steve even came out of nowhere and danced with ME!  This has never happened as long as our relationship has been going.  He did amaze me for sure!  We all had such a great time.

I refuse to talk about Sunday.  That was the death of me.  I do not know how I used to go out every night before Briana was born.  I guess I just stayed hung over and was used to the body torture!

Monday was officially my sister Jen’s 24th (34th) Birthday.  She of course, is the oldest!  We are about 7 ½ years apart.  I don’t remember too much about my younger years but I do know that I bugged the hell out of her!  Though she does tell me that she’s always loved me even when I was a little *tattle teller.*  I hope you had an awesome Birthday.  I love you!

Have a good week everyone!  Next week I hope to have a little surprise in my blog.  Keep a look out!

I Am A Consignment Mommy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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I feel like I need to tell the world that I have an addiction to kid’s consignment sales and shops.  Yes, yes I do.  USED clothing.  It’s one of my biggest obsessions!  Don’t get me wrong, I have bought brand new clothes for Ms. Princess… some things are just too hard to pass up.  But a whole new wardrobe?   Nope, never.  
Before Briana was born I had two baby showers.  Thankfully enough, Steve and I had everything we needed for her and I really didn’t need to start buying clothes for her until she was almost a year old.  Around that time I received a Centreville newsletter in the mail and it had an ad inside for a consignment shop called Kid To Kid.  As soon as I stepped into the store, I fell in love.  PJ’s $2.50?  Pant sets $7.00?  Oh and so many shoes and toys!  All gently used.  I realized what a waste of money it would be to buy brand new items when little people grow so fast.
And so I did my research.  I am now part of many different groups that keep me up to date on seasonal sales which are truly insane.  If you ever go to a consignment sale be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours just to look through everything and standing in line.  Standing in line is the worst but it’s totally worth it when you have scored on so many items. 
I have this pipe dream that maybe one day I can start my own consignment mommy business.  I like to help others wherever possible, when I can.  Whether I open up my own warehouse or start up something online.  It’s unrealistic at the moment… but I will continue to come up with ideas, draft it out in my head.
For all of my mommy friends out there (and dad’s), here are some great places & sales I have found.  Please do share with me your favorites also!

Little Lords And Ladies

Consignment Mommies

Classy Kids Consignment

Kid To Kid

Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment

Calvary Road Baptist Church Consignment Sale

Last but not least, I belong to a great yahoo group called Freecycle.  A friend of mine raved about it and I finally got on and signed up.  It’s a large group of people in the area you live in that give away FREE stuff.  Mostly kids things but I’ve seen televisions, shoes, kitchenware, and more being offered to give away.  When you see something you want just reply to the message.  If still available they will send you their address and you can go by and scoop it right up.  I have received so many clothes, toys and books for Briana.  I’ve even found nice clothes for myself… ALL free!  So go sign up now:

Nickname Me- Debbie Downer!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

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I will not lie.  I have been quite the Debbie Downer lately… EHHH, for quite a long time actually.  I have gotten into a routine of thinking negative and reacting to situations negatively.  I’ve been throwing myself a damn pity party!

Why can’t I be thankful?  Life could be worse.  I have a healthy family, a roof over our head, we’re not hungry.  I’ve been able to stay home four days a week since my child was born.  But for some reason, I find reasons to bitch and complain!  YES, I’m a woman but that doesn’t give me an excuse to do it.  I complain about my house being too small, not having enough money to spend, doing all the house cleaning with no help, having to work double shifts on weekends and having no friends & family time because of that.  Am I that spoiled and ungrateful??

Steve threw some good points at me the other night:
·         That I’ve been thinking of the here and now when I’m really supposed to be thinking of what life will be like down the line.  This part of our lives is only temporary.  BLAH, easier said than done… but I get it!
·         (Not directed to me in general) That we can’t all just live life, goof around, have fun?  Why do we all have to be so serious about everything?

Being negative has caused me to snap at my child and my Fiancee when I should be trying to have as much fun as possible while I’m with them.  No… I am not spoiled (only sometimes when I deserve it.)  No, I am not ungrateful.  I’ve always had to have that instant gratification.  I’ve made terrible decisions in my life just for that instant, MUST have it now.  I’ve let life drag me down but I’m ready to fight back.

My plans for the next two years are to keep working at where I’ve been at for the last 6 ½ years.  Good ol’ MVCC!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the members (most of them) and I do have great days there (another blog topic for later.)  I will continue to help run our family business while I'm not at work.
I’m looking forward to the future.  I plan to be a stay at home mom with all of my attention going to my future hubby, Briana, my future baby(s?) that I haven’t planned yet and our party rental business.  I won’t have to miss birthday parties or special occasions anymore.  

I have high hopes.  I believe my family and I will become very successful.  Now if I could keep those high hopes and dreams in front of me at all times, I would be one happy, not-so-negative lady!

Until next time :)

There's A First Time For Everything!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Yay for my first attempt to blogging!
Why?  For months I've been considering the idea of it.  Who knows how it'll go?  Maybe i'll fail or maybe this is something I'll still be doing down the road.
I've been reading all sorts of blogs since I got pregnant. Pregnant blogs, Mommy blogs, Fitness blogs, Wedding blogs and the list goes on!  Anywho, I hope i'm not a bore.

First things first.  I lost 7 pounds in the month of October!  Thanks to me eating healthier and thanks to Custom Fitness Concepts boot camp!  My sister found them on Groupon and so I tried it out for a month.  I decided this would be great to use leading up to my wedding.  Now I plan to stay in it even after I get married.  Boot camp motivates me to eat better and I feel so much stronger just in a month’s time.  I love the group i'm in as well!  My instructor is awesome at what she does and the girls in my group are pretty cool too. 

WEDDING UPDATE:  5 months to go!  I’m so excited it’s finally around the corner.  I can’t wait to become a Garcia!  I can’t wait to marry my best friend and have the same name as my daughter HAH!  I can’t wait to go on a honeymoon because DAMMIT I deserve one!  I mean WEEE deserve one.  I’ve had my wedding dress since like January.  Thanks Mommy and Ellalyne from Labella Bridal!   We have mostly everything ready to go. Though I have procrastinated on sending out Save The Dates and registering… and a couple other things.  Hmm… I probably should really get on those things ASAP.  I know there’s a fricken’ month to month checklist but procrastinators like me don’t exactly go by the book!

Enough about weddings and such.  Happy Halloween everyone!  We sure had quite the awesome day.  For one I made it my personal  “Cheat Day.”  A cheat day is a *eating like a fat kid* day.  I did just that and I’m not done!  It was my reward for the hard work in my losing weight/toning up process.  Briana had a BLAST trick-or-treating.  She was a pink kitty cat!  Now she has crashed off of her sugar high from all of the ahpops (lollipops) and sleeping like a baby!  It’s time for some ME time.  Night  folks!