8 Facts About My Pregnancies

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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A few weeks ago a friend of mine tagged me in her post on Facebook.  
Someone tagged her to share facts about her pregnancies... she tagged me, and I decided to make a blog post out of it instead!
I'm supposed to share at least eight:

1.  Morning Sickness.  When I was pregnant with B, I had no vomiting or nausea.  Though, I did straight up pass out once because I had overheated.  My mother didn't know yet, it was awful!  Other than that, no issue.
With this pregnancy, I had nausea until the first trimester was over with.  There were many times I thought I'd throw up but it never happened.  It was so hard to eat anything.  I still get it from time to time now and I'm heading into my third trimester. 

2.  I was very small with my first baby and it took me awhile to finally show.

Me, at 23 weeks with Briana.

My second pregnancy, I could tell before three months! (No wonder I have aches and pains from everything stretching so fast!

Me... 3 weeks ago.  Fatty!

3.  Cravings.  All I have to say is how terribly I ate the first time.  Take out and ice cream EVERYDAY!

This time... I cannot eat my favorite foods.  CANNOT.  For example, I used to take my little lady to Panda Express (Chinese) for a treat every now and then because she and I loved it.  Can't even really think about it.  The Hibachi Grill down the street that I used to pick up once a week... no mas.  Sweet Frog frozen yogurt... haven't walked in there for months.  Sriracha sauce that I used to put on everything, haven't touched it.  I hope it goes back to normal afterwards.

4.  My first child was born via c-section.  It was a hot Summer day (I slept for the most of it) and was just miserable.  I didn't want to eat or drink, just curled up on the sofa in the fetal position.  Finally the Hubs talked me into leaving the house to get checked by the doctor.  She told me to go home because I had barely dilated a centimeter but if I wanted to I could go to the hospital.  I didn't feel right about going home so off to the hospital we went.  Checked in, got hooked up to all the machines and such.  My doctor came in shortly after saying she was glad we didn't go home because my baby was in fetal distress with high blood pressure.  Next thing you know, I was rushed off to surgery.
I decided to have another c-section this time around.  There is a chance my scar tissue could rupture and it's a not so nice process to go through if that happens.  Stick to what I know!  #2 will be arriving at 39 weeks on March 25th.

5.  Only 5 percent of women give birth on their actual due date.  I am one of those 5 %.  ☺

6.  My sense of smell is crazy weird.  For example, if the Hubs eats a sandwich with raw onions I can't kiss him.

7.  I had lots of energy through my first pregnancy after the first trimester.  There's a big difference this time.  I am tired a lot and experience quite a bit of pain in certain areas probably because I'm on my feet a lot at work.  Makes me feel OLD!  I don't like it.

8.  All in all, I'm a pretty happy person while pregnant.  Not much gets to me.  I'm in good spirits and can't wait to meet our baby girl in less than three months!

My Friends Threw Me A Baby Shower!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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This beautiful lady here.. I'm lucky to have as my friend. ☺

I think she knows me too well... 


Someone also made a baby carriage out of fruit... something I've been obsessing over ever since I saw it at a friends shower a couple years ago.

Since our place of employment will start renovations in January, Brandi threw me an early baby shower with our co-workers on December 1st.  It was supposed to be a surprise (though I did find out about it on accident!)
It's all about the thought that counts!  No friend has ever done this for me before.  I feel so blessed, loved and will never forget this day.  I have developed some great relationships with some of the girly's I work with and will miss them a lot once the clubhouse shuts down for a couple months. ♥

Crock Pot Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread- Yes... in the crock pot.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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YUM.  After pinning recipes with pumpkin in them for the last two Fall seasons,
I finally MADE something!  I actually made it on Thanksgiving morning and I was worried since I never made it before... especially bread in the crock pot.  Thankfully, it was a big hit and went home with just the dish it went in. ☺

Found on Pinterest from Mason... Like The Jar


○ 1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
○ 1/2 cup sugar
○ 1/2 cup brown sugar
○ 2 large Eggs (beaten)
○ 1 cup canned pumpkin
○ 1 1/2 cups Flour
○ 1/2 tsp salt
○ 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
○ 1/2 tsp Nutmeg
○ 1/4 tsp Ginger
○ 1 tsp Baking Soda
○ 1 cup (or MORE) Chocolate Chips... I ♥ Chocolate!

What To Do:

○ Mix oil, sugar and brown sugar in a large bowl.
○ Add eggs and pumpkin.  Mix thoroughly.
○ In a medium bowl, mix all dry ingredients.  Add to pumpkin mixture.
○ Mix in chocolate chips.
○ Spray crock pot with nonstick oil.  Then pour in the batter.
○ Place 4-6 paper towels between top of crock pot and the lid to absorb and lock in moisture.
○ Cook on low for 4 hours or on high for 2-3 hours.

... and out comes a delicious chocolaty-pumpkiny bread of yumminess.

I'm happy because it was pretty easy to make.  The Hubs helped me get it out of the crock pot in one piece by putting the dish on top with a kitchen towel underneath.. grabbing the pot and flipping it over onto the dish.

It was amazing.  Looking forward to making it next year!

*NEW* Fun Zone Play Area at Fair Oaks Mall

Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Finally!  I've been waiting for the new fun zone to open.  It is construction-themed since Michael & Son is the sponsor.  At first, I wasn't sure if Briana would be a fan but there was no complaints!  Everything is made out of the same soft material as before and it is sanitized 2-3 times a day.  I feel that a lot of the kiddies will love the big truck that has a slide exiting out the back.  There is lots of climbing to be done as well as crawling through tunnels.  The space is different this time... In the past,  I would freak out a little because you had to sit in just the right spot to make sure your view of your child was easily accessible.  I can now see my child at all angles of the play area.  If you need to eat and drink or work, there are a few tables and chairs set up right outside of the play area which I really like.  Pictures below!

This will be our spot for the upcoming Winter when we're bored out of our minds and I'm too big to waddle around everywhere.☺

The Santa Ice Palace at Fair Oaks Mall

Monday, December 2, 2013

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Last year.. the Hub, B and I went to take pictures with Santa on Christmas Eve.
Let's just say that I'm never doing that EVER again!
I promised myself that this year we will get a head start.

Two weeks ago, my friend and I went to the mall for a mani/pedi and of course some Cheesecake Factory for lunch (mostly really go just for the cheesecake.)  Crazy enough, Santa was there already because who cares about Thanksgiving?  Us American's shit on Thanksgiving and skip right over to the Christmas holiday season.

Over the weekend I heard that the Fair Oaks Mall Fun Zone re-opened and so I thought that I'd love to take Briana there to check out the new kids area and get her Santa pictures done and over with all in one shot.  **SUCCESS!**  The Ice Palace is beautifully spectacular.  Not only is it a 30 foot Ice Dome with falling snow and a light show... Ice Age: Continental Drift is the theme.  Here are a few pictures from our little adventure:

The prices were definitely do-able.

Briana had such a great time.  She LOVES Santa...
and since we were the only ones in line, she got some good one on one time with.  ☺
Afterwards, Santa comes up to me and says: "your daughter is such a sweetheart."
"I asked her if she had any questions she wanted to ask me for Christmas and she says:  I love my mommy and daddy."
Look at this little lady.. kissing up to Santa!  I love her to death.

Movie Review: Catching Fire

Monday, November 25, 2013

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This past Saturday night, my sister and I made our way over to Fairfax Corner (SO beautiful there!  Chrismas decor is already up) to see Catching Fire!  We both read the books and already knew what to expect.  I've been anxious for months to see it.  It was definitely worth the wait.

The movie is 2 1/2 hours long but it kept me entertained the whole way through.
I thought I'd never say it, but thanks to the movie bringing the book to life, I lean towards the movie being better out of the two.
I believe that fans of the books and the first movie left very pleased with the second movie.  You can tell that a lot more money was put into creating Catching Fire.  Being able to see Panem and the other districts along with the Capitol was just perfect.

"Katnip" Katniss Everdeen is my hero.
She's so badass.  I love her character!
What a great actress she is, I see an awesome career for her ahead.

Cinna the *Capitol Stylist* is also one of my favs.  He takes such good care of Katniss and watches over her.
"Remember Girl on Fire, I'm still betting on you."

There were a lot of new characters introduced into Catching Fire.  I would say my favorite newbie would be Finnick (and not just because he's pretty.)  Without giving too much away, the Quarter Quell is where he showed how "good" he was especially when saving a Peeta's life.


All in all this movie get's my ***** stars.
The ending has had me and everyone else in the theater wanting more.
The third book was my least favorite out of the three for a couple of reasons.  Though I'm sure the movie(s?) will be awesome.

BUMP UPDATE: 20 Weeks/Halfway Mark

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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The bump picture I took above has me looking pretty small... but really, I'm NOT.
I'm HUGE compared to my last pregnancy, don't let this photo lie to you!

Week:  20

Weight Gain:  This week I didn't check, but at my doctor's appointment last week it showed I gained about 15 pounds so far.  GAA.

Stretch Marks:  Nope.  Hopefully my lotion is helping out with this factor!

Belly Button:  Innie.  My first pregnancy it never became an outie, hopefully it stays that way.

Labor Signs:  Not even close.

Linea Nigra:  Hasn't shown face yet!  I've been looking for it since last time it was definitely showing by the halfway mark.

Gender:  Just found out yesterday that we are having another baby girl!♥

Sleep:  I still sleep through the night.  SUCCESS ☺   *Knocks on wood*

Nursery Update:  PSHhh.  You're looking at procrastination at it's finest.  BUT my goal is to slowly work on turning Briana's playroom into baby girl's room.  So far I have thrown out some of B's crap toys that she doesn't play with.. now it's finding a spot for the rest.

Feeling... pretty good.  I still get lots of headache's, doesn't matter how much water I drink.  A little bit of soreness from time to time.  Some days I have tons of energy, other days it's hard to get up off the couch (literally getting harder to get up!)

Maternity Clothes:  I've been wearing maternity clothes since I hit 3 months.  I love me some prego pants and how they stretch with you.  I feel cute most of the time in my clothes.  Just need to find me some cute scarves to dress up some of my plain clothes.  Over the weekend I bought three new pairs of shoes (two pairs are moccasins.)  SO comfy, just what I needed.

Miss Anything:  Picking up my four year old (she's starting to get too big to pick up all time) and running.  I will be missing those Holiday cocktails when Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years comes around.                        BOO.

Food Cravings:  This time around, I can't eat my favorite take out food.  It's so wack... I hope it goes back to normal once I'm free of baby.

Anything making you Queasy or Sick:  Not anymore!  

Wedding Ring:  Still on.  Not too much swelling yet

Happy or Moody:  Depends on if I'm tired or hungry  (which is my normal self anyway.)

Best Moment of the Week:  So far.. finding out the sex of our baby!  My hubs also told me to go get pampered with a mani/pedi.  Awesome start to the week.

Looking Forward To:  Catching Fire coming out in theatre!  A friends daughter's birthday, my sister's birthday and Thanksgiving.

Mommy & Me Monday

Monday, November 4, 2013

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Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

Happy Monday!
Just a few mommy and me photos of B and I recently.
Halloween- Lady Bugs
My babe & I at a Wedding
Fall Festival Fun