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Thursday, May 31, 2012

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The rules (if you choose to play along) are as follows:
Each person must post 11 random things about themselves.
Answer the questions that the person that tagged you posted.
Create 11 new questions for the people that you tag
Pick 11 new people to tag, link them on your post & go to their page and tell them they've been tagged.  No tag backs!!!

11 Random Things About Me...

1. I quit smoking the day after Easter after 12 straight years of puffing away.  Sometimes I feel so proud of myself... other times I wish I could just throw it all away and go buy a pack!

2. I keep everything at work nice and organized but my house is ALWAYS messy.

3. I have two misdemeanors that will be wiped off my record in less than four years... Yay!  There will be a celebration when that day comes.

4. I cuss like a sailor and every once in awhile my almost three-year-old repeats what I say.  Oops!  (But I'm getting better... a little)

5. I overly stress about money.  It's a bad trait I possess...
Even though I buy things for myself it's not often.  I'd rather spend money on my baby girl or gifts for my husband, family & friends.

6. I have terrible, TERRIBLE road rage (no not with my child in the car.)  I don't hesitate to beep or scream obscenities.  Yet, somehow I've never been in a car accident *Knock on wood*

7. I LOVE food.  I love to eat everything.  Well except for brussel sprouts. Yuck!

8. I really REALLY want another baby... BUT I want to lose like 10 pounds before I get pregnant so I don't get super fat.  Yes I know, my way of thinking kinda sucks.

9. I've heard many times that you need to love the job you're in.  I'm not one of those people (anymore) and would really like a change.

10. I love taking photos.  I have this desire to one day become a photographer though I'm not the best at it. :)

11. I LOVE being home four days a week... though I do try to escape three nights a week for an hour to my boot camp class.  I like the people and my trainer.  The socialization keeps me sane!

My Gracefully Disastrous Questions:
1. What is your most embarrassing parenting or relationship (if you're not a parent) moment?
I honestly can't think of an embarassing parenting moment.  By no means does that mean I'm prefect!

2. Have you ever fallen down in public? If so, do tell...
Umm normally that only has happened when I was intoxicated HAH...

3. How many blog followers do you have? PS: I only have 20 according to blogger.
According to blogger I have 20.
According to Facebook I have 47 followers.

4. What's your favorite cuss word? If you don't cuss...what word would slip out of your mouth if you stubbed the hell out of your toe?

5. How often do you really mop your kitchen floor? Be honest!!
I actually just did this afternoon!  But it's been 2-3 weeks since the last time...

6. What is your favorite book?  I'm not kidding...I'm looking for new reading material.
The Sookie Stackhouse Series (Related to the True Blood tv show)

7. How old were you when you started your period? 
I was 11.  That was not a good time in my life... Thank God they invented tampons. (TMI, but it was asked!)

8. When was the last time you had an "OH SHIT" moment? Please explain, so I don't feel so bad about myself.
Yesterday actually... when we got pulled over by a cop (a walking cop.) 
He came outta nowhere!  That shouldn't be aloud...

9. Are your parents still married? If so, what do you think their secret is?
No, mine divorced after 20 some years of marriage.
I will try my hardest to break that cycle!

10. What is your biggest fear?
-Someone in my immediate family dying.
-Having a disabled child (I don't think I would be strong enough to handle that.)

11. What is your biggest wish?
To have more babies, become a stay at home mom and work with just our business.


The Backwards Bride's Questions:

1. What's the most wonderful thing about being a parent? (If not a parent, would you ever have kids?)

2. What are three things you CAN'T live without?

3. Did you ever have a bad habit or addiction that was hard to break? 
What was it?

4. What are your favorite shows on TV?
(Must add more to my DVR list)

5. What are your favorite reads?

6. Have you found your purpose in life yet?

7. What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?

8. What is your favorite type of exercise?

9. What is your most difficult hardship that you've overcome or are in the process of overcoming?

10. What is your biggest wish(s)?

11. How do you know what being in love is?

Instagram Obsession

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Last week I didn't have much time to do a Not-So-Wordless Wednesday post.
Now I'm catching up reason being why there's so many different pictures for this week.

My life through the eyes of Instagram...

Our bad ass Batman moon bounce!
It has a jumpy area, mini obstacle course, basketball hoop & slide that you can use with water.

My babe.  Having a blast as usual.

After cleaning &  hard work ='s  PLAY TIME!

Loving on her daddy.

A baby shower I went to recently...

The beautiful Mommy To Be.  I only hope to look as fabulous as her for my next go round!

My little softball player in the making.  I'm excited to get her on a team as soon as she's the right age.

Cousins!  Aren't they just the cutest?  It's so fun watching them grow up together...

Book Review- The Lucky One

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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I didn't know about Nicholas Sparks- The Lucky One until I saw the commercial for the movie on TV one night not too long ago.  As soon as it was over I told myself that I need to read that book before watching the movie.
Don't get me wrong... Nicholas Sparks is a GREAT author.  But, I've told myself to stay away from his books because something devastating always happens or someone dies in the end!  Once I noticed that it was about destiny, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Logan Thibault is an ex-marine that fought in Iraq for a couple tours.  During that time he found a photograph of a beautiful woman at a county fair.  He put it up on a bulletin board for someone to claim it's lost and found.
When noone claimed it his friend Victor- a romantic that believed in destiny and luck,  told him that he should keep it with him.  
Thibault shortly after started winning at poker nights and escaped some pretty close calls with death.  Victor kept telling him that it was the picture of Her that was giving him luck and keeping him safe.  Logan thought it was silly and still didn't really believe.

Once Logan was back home, a terrible tragedy happened and all of a sudden felt the need to meet her.  He decides to grab a small bag of necessities, his dog Zeus and they start walking.  Thibault has a few clues and finds himself in the Hamptons looking for Elizabeth Green... the pretty lady in the photograph.

I'll leave it at that.  I don't want to give anything away.

I really enjoyed reading the story.  It was in a way predictable, but I'm glad it was.  Romantic, funny and an easy read.  Once I got towards the end (of course I was up late already) I HAD to finish.  Very nicely done and I can't wait for the movie to come out on Redbox/On Demand!

Home Sweet Home

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We just moved into our new place back at the end of April and we LOVE it so far.
I haven't had much time to decorate but most of the boxes have been unpacked.
There are TONS of kids in our neighborhood and they have *adopted* Briana into it pretty quickly Thankfully.
The weekly list is...

Ten Words That Describe Our Home

1. Townhouse

2. Extra space

3. Happy

4. Messy

(I wasn't kidding, Yo.)

5. Fun

6. Relaxing

7. Neighborly (The neighborhood loves us especially when we have to inflate our moon bounces to clean them from past events which also ='s play time!)

8. Loving

9. Comfortable

10. A work in progress

Our Wedding Ceremony

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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I can't believe Steve and I have been married for almost two months!
Of course not much has changed between us since we've already been living together for 3+ years but that's beside the point.

This year is FLYING!

Well we have been quite busy with the wedding preps, then the actual getting married part.
Oh yes, and then we moved...
and now we're head first into our busy season with our company The Moonbounce Man.
Our busy season started way early this year because of this crazy but wonderful weather we've been getting.  It's a very very GOOD thing.  

Anywho to those that are new here, I've been sharing my wedding with the blog world.  If you choose you can look back to past blog posts for more photos:

Here we go with our Ceremony...

Steve & Pastor Buckingham

The Bridal Party Attendants

Don't they all look so sharp and good lookin'?
Don't forget about the cutest part...

Our flower girls!  My cousin is on the left and my daughter is on the right.

I thought I would have been shaky but as soon as the doors opened...
I felt relieved (and obviously extremely happy) that it was finally happening.

My dear friend Domingo walked me down the aisle.
He was there for me the whole weekend for rehearsals, dinners, etc.
Thank God for him!

I made it down without harming anyone and I didn't trip once.  SUCCESS!

Our Pastor did a beautiful job.  The ceremony was quick and painless.  Thankfully it was only about a half hour because that's all I could really stand if you know what I mean.   

Awwe isn't that sweet.  Tears of happiness?
No, Steve is sweating!

My sister-in-laws sang a song during our candle lighting.
It was such an emotional moment that Leyla started to cry and Jasmin had to finish it up on her own.

Guess who stumbled on their Vows?
This girl right here!
So I lied.  This was the only part during it all where I was nervous.
What I did wrong was thinking too hard about it before it actually happened.  I kept thinking that I would goof and I did.  I had to ask Pastor B to repeat a line.
Of course it turned out ok and I found a way to laugh about it...

You may now kiss your Bride!

We are both obviously very pumped with the end result.
FINALLY Mr. & Mrs. Garcia!

Listicle- 10 Things Husbands SHOULD Do

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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10 Things Husbands SHOULD Do...

1.  Husbands should be aware that even when his wife is having a day from hell, you are still numero uno.  Yes, Very true!

2.  Husbands should come up with an invention that would take away their bear snores... for real, you wont get punched or rolled off the bed any longer!

3. Husbands should let their wives blog anytime they want.  I let you play video games and such, let me do stuff I like without trying to make me feel bad about not spending time with you. 
I love you honey :)

4.  Husbands should let their wives watch those mushy girly movies without the added jokes.  It keeps our little hearts full dammit!

5. Husbands should fart in the bathroom or any other room instead of farting on, or right beside their wives... and then laughing... or making sounds of enjoyment.

6. Husbands should take care of the dishes after the Wifey cooks.  Just a reminder!

7. Instead of calling your Wife crazy (or any other word that will set a woman off) knowing Aunt Flow is in town... just please, leave the room.

8. Husbands should not point out what they think is a terrible purchase.  It's retail therapy and it keeps us happy.

9.  Husbands should take care of all the ugly chores... like cleaning the toilet.

10. Husbands should jump in and take charge of the little munchkin(s) when Mommy is losing her shit.  It REALLY helps a ton.

My husband is pretty good about that, thank GOD!

Instagram Obsession

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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This week...
My life in photos from the eyes of my Instagram app!

LOVE my babe.

Loving on her Grandpa.

Getting massages together :)

"Can I  help you?"

Just another day in Grandma's salon...

Beautiful roses from my other half for Mother's Day:

This face can make anyone smile...

Having fun with Nana.

My Father-In-Law made these AMAZING chocolate covered strawberries:

Mother's Day dinner at Coastal Flats. Surf & Turf, my fav!

I wanted to treat myself to some shopping so I bought  new work out gear from Under Armour :)