Not So Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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It's one of those days (that don't come very often at all) where I want to take a picture of myself...

I am very proud of myself that I've been able to slim down for the "BIG DAY."
Less than three days to go... so pumped! 

I haven't been keeping up with the blog this week.  DAMN me for being a procrastinator on last minute wedding details.  But, it's all coming together.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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We have REALLY been enjoying our *Early Spring*....

Hmm. What is that at the top?  I'm never using the Photo Mess app again!  But I figured she was too cute not to share.

Tara's View of the World

Bachelorette Bash!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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This past weekend was A W E S O M E!
I only had to work one day this past week which is always a plus.
Saturday was my Bachelorette Outing which turned into quite the shit show (it was expected.)  I really wanted to go away on a trip but we couldn't get the plans together... or the people, or the money for it.  But that's ok, anywhere you go there's food and shots!

My sister planned for friends and my future Garcia relatives to meet us at The Cheesecake Factory in Arlington for dinner.  YUM!

LOVE every single one of them!

There's ME!  The Bachelorette!

Afterwards, we all headed to Clarendon Ballroom which was close enough to walk to.  The walk to and from the bar was entertaining... I should have taken photos of all the leaners and sleepers in Green.  To all the drunkey's that drank all day for the St Patrick's Holiday:  Thanks for providing me with some good laughs!

Everyone either wanted to...
-Hug Me
-Call me a Quitter
-Buy me a drink
-And dance with me (which was quite embarrassing at times!)


This is my, "Oh no it's tequila" face.

"There's the Bride!"  THANKS girls for calling me out.... God *&#%*#!

This is probably the only decent dancing photo of me... the rest were god awful!

My signature tipsy face.

I bet you're thinking I was dead to the world the next day?
Thanks to dancing the night away and sleeping until 1AM on Sunday... I was good to go!
Sunday was actually very eventful.  I spent the day with my Hubby-To-Be picking up and delivering moon bounces, went out to lunch, played mini golf and spent time with my almost official In - laws.  A great way to end a weekend.

Monday Listicles

Monday, March 19, 2012

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10 Reasons My Child Has Got It Made

1. She gets to live her life watching cartoons and playing all day.

2. She gets to nap DAILY.  (I'm the most jealous of this!)

3. She's surrounded by so many people that love her.
4. There's no such thing as *dieting* at her age with all that running around!
5. Her mommy and daddy love each other very much.
6. Whinning and crying basically gets her whatever she wants after she drives me crazy enough.
7. Lots of spoiling goes on on the weekends with her Grandparents & Aunts while mommy & daddy have to work.
8. Her parents run a moon bounce/party rental business = Coolest Birthday parties everrr.

9. Dirt and mess do not affect her mood... she simply doesn't care!

And last but not least...

10. She doesn't have to WORK!

Freecycle Findings

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I LOVE Freecycle.  For those that haven't heard me rave about it countless times...
The Freecycle Network is a group of over 8 million members that are giving away their things that they no longer need in their area.  I have gotten my hands on so much from kid's clothing to clothes for myself, toys, shoes, etc!  I have also given lots of things away that we no longer need and that's always such a good feeling to know that it's not being thrown away, but given to a good home.  When you get onto the website you need to pick your city, state and sign up.  FYI, it may take a day or two.  When you get accepted and find something that you would like to have (that isn't taken already) just message the person and see if it's still available.  If it is they will send you their address and it's yours.

This past week was a fricken' AWESOME week.  Everytime I got a hold of something, I felt like I was winning a prize!

Clothes for Briana

Victoria Secret Bras along with a Sports Bra

Blouses & Tops for me that fit PERFECTLY

Two Lamps from a family that was moving...

A Butterfly rug for Briana's Room

Hoping to find some good finds this week!

Labella Bridal Boutique Review

Thursday, March 15, 2012

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(703) 494-2929

Let me tell you that when I got engaged thirteen months ago, I couldn't wait to try on dresses!  I went to David's Bridal first.  Found a couple of nice dresses but was still unsure.  I wanted to see what else was out there (so obviously those dresses were not "The One.")
Afterwards, I find out that a friend of my mother's owns this lovely consignment boutique so I called and made an appointment right away for a Saturday afternoon.  As soon as I walked in the shop, it took my breath away.  It's such a beautiful unique place and feels so *Homey.*  The owner Ellalyne is so personable and sweet with everyone.  The other ladies that work in the store are also very nice and have all different personality types.  They made me feel like I was the prettiest girl in town.  I had never felt more beautiful when I found the right dress for me. 

Labella is located in the beautiful downtown Occoquan, Virginia.

Ellalyne Brayman has worked for Vera Wang.  She started this shop with the mentality that every bride should be able to afford a dress that is beautiful and chic.  

Ellalyne offers popular designer dresses from Eden Bridal, Vera Wang and more that are affordable for every type of bride.  30-70% off retail prices.  AMAZING!

As you can see they also offer dresses for the Bridesmaids, Flower girls, Mother of the Bride, Formal and even dresses for Homecoming & Prom.  I love how they sell such wide variety.

There are also many veils to choose from along with headbands/tiaras and shoes.  I was even told that they can dye a pair of shoes whatever color you want.

Labella Bridal gets my five ***** star rating!  My bridesmaids and I were treated like Queens and I will go back every chance I get.  For all of you newly engaged Brides-To-Be that haven't dress shopped yet... make sure this is your first stop shop before looking anywhere else!  Beforehand, I would definitely make an appointment because these ladies have quite the busy lifestyle.