Wordless-ish Wednesday

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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I took this photo last night while Briana was opening the last of her gifts...

Everything I love about Christmas!
Watching my child open gifts, my beautiful Christmas tree, our stockings and A Christmas Story playing in the background.
Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

Today I've started to *eat right* again.  I also returned to my boot camp fitness class after a week and a half of not going... and boy did it kick my ass!  
I'm looking forward to getting back in it again especially once the New Year  comes around.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

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                                                                                 Source: christmas39.com via Susie on Pinterest

I know I have been a little MIA for the last week and a half...
With all the festivities, present shopping and work, it's been chaotic.

I'll be back though once things settle down!
We're so excited to spend Xmas Eve with Steve's side of the family... eating way too much, staying up until after midnight opening gifts, I love it.
Christmas day the Hubs and I will be hosting at our house with some of my family.  Lots of food again and of course... Wine.
It's our first time doing Christmas day at our house so I promise to do a follow-up post.

Merry Christmas!
Hope you all have a blast with your families!

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Virginia is for Bloggers

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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VABloggers is where other bloggers can connect and get some exposure!
This is something I have recently started looking for.  
I'm so excited that I got accepted into this community!
Not sure where it will take me, but I'm hoping to meet some amazing people.
I'm under *Northern Virginia* if you want to check me out on the list!
Happy Dance :)

Holiday Traditions

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What is a holiday tradition that you and your husband do or plan to do each year? If you don't have any, what is an idea you could try out this year?!

I just realized that this will be our first year spending Christmas together married!
This will be our fifth Christmas together.  That's crazy to me that so much time has passed already.
In the past years we really didn't have our own traditions.  We go to our families house and spend time celebrating the already invented traditions.  On Christmas Eve, we spend time with the Hubs family... eating til we can't stuff ourselves anymore, playing card games and lounging around til Midnight when we get to open our gifts!  On Christmas day we celebrate with my side of the family.

This year we have made some changes.  We're finally adding our own traditions.  Since we have a bigger house I really wanted to get a tree.  In our old house we just didn't have the room for it.  I was ready to go buy a fake one when Steve said no- that he's never had a fake one.  So, we got a big beautiful real tree from Cost Co for less than $30.00.

I also put up our own personalized stockings that I plan to fill with goodies/small gifts.
So there's a start.. we have plenty more years to come up with new traditions that our baby girl will remember.

Wordless-ish Wednesday

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She looks so fricken' happy :)

We were picking up a moon bounce from a customers house and the customer had these furry white bunnies.  They kept Briana entertained the whole time!  Once we were done and we loaded her back into the truck, she cries, whines and wimpers for a good fifteen minutes.  "Bunnies.  I need a bunny!"  "I NEED a bunny mommy daddy."
Then Steve comes out with, "We'll have to ask Santa to give you a bunny for Christmas."
Oh, no.  Another learning lesson:  don't say things like that, because they'll believe you!
Looks like we need to get her a pet ASAP.

ICE! at The Gaylord National Resort

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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                                                                            Source: examiner.com via Sandy on Pinterest

Every time we arrive at National Harbor I always think, "Why do we never ever come down here??"  Everything is just so beautiful and lit up around the Holidays.  It's actually beautiful all year round.
As most NOVA, MD & DC folks know, ICE sets up their amazing exhibit during Holiday season and they stay through the New Year.  My family and I have been going every year religiously since 2009.

The team that creates this beautiful environment are from China.  They call it the *Winter Wonderland* and it is ALL hand-sculpted blocks of ice.

When we went last year it was so crowded that we had to wait in line outside in the freezing cold (miserable!)... repeating the waiting game once we got inside.  
This year I was not disappointed!  We slipped right in without having to wait in any lines AT ALL and said Hello to Shrek... from a distance of course.  No need to force my little three year old (that screams bloody murder when she sees Santa, though she talks so much about loving him) to meet the huge green man up close... but you can if you want to take a picture with him!

Just to warn you if you've never gone:  Once you walk into the actual start of the exhibit, it-is-COLD.  Please wear layers.  I wore a couple pairs of socks with my boots, a pair of leggings under my jeans and an extra two layers up top along with my coat.  Don't forget your gloves and hat!
Before we walked in there was a short video of how *Shrek The Halls* was made (at least that's what I think what was going on because I was too busy zipping up Briana's coat and getting her ready.)
Afterwards the staff assigned us all ginormous coats.
And off we went!

About half way through, they have slides people can slide down which of course I never turn down!
This year I was just trying to get the heck outta there because my hands were so cold, they stung.  :(
Next time I'll wear smaller gloves so I can continue to take photos.

Once we finished we exited into the gift shop where everything's all over priced.  But they also serve great hot chocolate and snacks that are totally worth buying.

After we left we walked a short walk over to the Gaylord.  The resort is beautiful inside at Christmas time with all the decorations.

Another reason why we headed over is because they moved the train inside the hotel.  All kids LOVE the train!

They had a fricken' BLAST.

Aren't they adorable?  Only under four months apart :)
Three years old and older is the perfect age to take your children to this event.  Why?
-They're better at being mobile and sturdy.
-The toddler coats fit at a good length.  (Last year B's dragged all over the ground and we had to carry her most of the time!)
-They're able to communicate better and have a better time then when they were smaller!

It's totally worth doing outings like this when you get to see smiles like these!

Helene in Between

Weekly Workouts Roundup!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

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A link up for weekly workouts?
This is awesome!  I'm so glad I stumbled over this tonight.  I don't post on the weekends since I work double shifts so normally I'm exhausted by this time and just want to fall out on the couch (or I'm still at the job.)

Here goes my week:
Sunday:  No, no.  My body is too pooped out.
Monday: Boot camp
Tuesday: Boot camp
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Nada.
Saturday: Nada.

Not a very good week.  I'm not trying to make an excuse but it is Holiday season!
Monday and Tuesday I went to my boot camp class that I've been going to regularly for over a year now.  I love how it's part of my *life routine.*
Wednesday I went to the gym with the Hubs and met my sister there.  Ran two miles on the treadmill and did a little weight lifting.
Thursday we only had thirty minutes so I just ran on the treadmill most of the time.  
Lately I've been trying to fit in a morning work out on Friday's before I have to head into work.  Not this week WHOOPS. :(
Saturday's and Sunday's are normally no goes for workouts.  One time I went to an 8AM Saturday morning boot camp.  It was awesome.  Kicked my ass, but felt great!  Had to go to work and I was so so sleepy by 3:00 in the afternoon that it was just torture for the rest of my work day.  Never again.  Though I wish I could! 

There we go.  I love how this link up holds me accountable to go out there and get my exercise on.  Let's be honest... this month I wont take it too seriously but once Christmas and New Year's fly by, it's ON!!

The Backwards Bride is officially on...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

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That's right folks.
I signed up to Twitter a couple of years ago, didn't like it.
But I'm starting to realize that The Backwards Bride needs a Twitter... another part of social media to add with my Facebook and Pinterest.  Another way to connect with followers and the blogs I follow.

Please, please, please!

Thank you friends :)


Oh, how Pinteresting!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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You know what would be awesome?
If we got paid for pinning. 
That would be the most fun job in the world...

I haven't been on Pinterest as much lately, but thanks to this link up I have an excuse!

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Wedded Bliss Wednesday

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If money were not an issue, what would you buy for 

husband for Christmas this year?

OH! Just a few things...

-A house!  A house with a big yard so he could build a huge shed where we can store all of our moon bounces and all the other equipment.  (This way, we wouldn't have to rent out storage space for the company.)  Of course the house would have a mancave!

-Season suite tickets to the Redskins

-A week long honeymoon to an island or a cruise... doesn't matter.  Just to get away!

-Professional massages once a month (I want in on this one too!)

-A boat to go fishing on with his man friends.

-Front row tickets to the UFC

I would totally win Wifey of the Year