A Forced Upon Break Time...

Friday, August 9, 2013

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It's already obvious that I've fallen off the face of the Bloggy Earth.  I miss it so much!
My full time job is consuming a lot of my life.  So the time I do have is spent with my little lady and Husband.  I love my promotion, it's brought on a lot of responsibility and dedication on my part.  Now, I'm trying to learn how to manage my time... and it's hard.  Before, I had four days off a week since my baby was born four years ago.  I had lots of time for my little family.  Now I have to find time, and my schedule's full.  There's not much time for me to carry on my favorite hobby; blogging.  It's hard to even find time for reading and I really miss my Kindle.  The last few months I've been slacking off with my exercise routine and I feel like a squishy blimp.  ::: Beating myself up for letting myself go ::: 

Anywho, I'm not gone forever.  Time to time, I plan to post book reviews, new recipes that I try at home (whenever I'm motivated) and reviews on new adventures that we try out in Northern Virginia/DC.  Who knows, I may be back sooner than later!

Until next time...... ☺