My Take On Postpartum Depression/Baby Blues

Friday, August 8, 2014

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What?  I have a blog?
It's been months.  I've missed it so much, I've been so busy with the kiddos.  I feel like I never have time to get upstairs to my computer.  There's lot's I'd love to blog about.. hopefully I can fall into a better routine!

Anywho, I wanted to share my take on PPD.  I want to share it before my remembrance of it disappears again and I want another baby in a year (I really don't see myself wanting one that soon but baby fever is a dangerous thing!)  I have experience with both: Postpartum Blues and Postpartum Depression.

With Briana (my first born) I had ppd all the way up until her first birthday.  It was hell... maybe I should have gone to see my doctor to get a little help.  Actually I know now that I should have.  I remember telling my Hubs, "I don't feel like myself.  This is not me."  I was irritable, angry, had negative feelings, didn't want to go anywhere, difficulty concentrating (still do at times.)  Actually, looking at the picture above I may have had a mix of ppd and postpartum psychosis.  Scary.

With Lilyana (my now 4 month old little fatty) I had postpartum blues for the first week and a half.  I cried on and off for DAAAYS!  Anything and everything made me cry... the first night we came home, the Hubs found me inside the baby's closet sobbing. I was a wreck but Steve was so awesome.  My mom and mother in law were also very good at checking in on me.  He took care of me very well those first couple of weeks.  All of a sudden, those baby blues disappeared into thin air and a weight was lifted.   I felt fine again (Thank GOD, I was worried HAHA)

My Tips on How to Cope:

Share your feelings with your husband/significant other.  I will not stress enough on how important this is.  He needs to know so he can help you emotionally and physically.  If you don't have a significant other, find someone that you trust so you don't feel alone.  Find a mom group or chat with other mom's in baby forums.  My favorite baby forum is babycenter.  Anytime I need a question answered, I can find it on that website... my little miracle.

Try to shower everyday/every other day.  I know.  It's hard at first, but DO IT.  It'll make you feel human again.  I always feel much better after taking care of myself.

Rest!  Even if it's just closing your eyes, reading your Kindle or taking a bath.. rest as much as you can.  Everyone tells you to sleep when baby sleeps right?  Well, that's crap. You'll know soon enough.  I wish it were possible!

Don't expect to be Super Momma.  Just don't.  Worry about taking care of yourself and that baby.  It's good enough.

Ask for help.  Something I've always had a hard time doing.  Let people help you!  I asked my in laws and mom & sister to take my oldest daughter for sleepovers the first week.  Let people bring you food and help clean your house... be blessed that you have people in your life that love you so much.

Get out the house!  Go out on a date with your man or out to movies with friends.  Or even just a stroll around the block with your cutie patootie.  Get outside for some normalcy.

Don't try to keep the house spotless.  You are recovering from having a baby!  Pick up if need be, but don't worry when the visitors come... they don't care about your house, they care about holding that baby.

Postpartum Progress.  Go check out this blog.  I wish I knew about this the first go round!

I hope that this helps the new momma's out there!
It always gets better in the long run.
Enjoy that baby while they're still so little.