My New Business Venture with Thirty-One Gifts

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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I stumbled across Thirty-One Gifts a couple years ago... probably by reading a blog.
I was looking for a company that was unique.  It seems like everyone sells Avon & Mary Kay these days.  I wanted to find something different that I could make some money on the side with.  I just wanted to pass around a catalog.  Then I saw that to become a consultant, it's $99 to join and at that time it didn't appeal to me at that moment (especially since I didn't know any other consultant's in my area.)
I have continued to see Thirty-One multiple times over the last couple years and told my friend that I love their products and I would love to host a party to get FREE stuff!  A couple days after I told her this, she realized she knew someone in the area that was pretty gung ho in the business and I wanted to join right away.
SO, I joined before my first party this past Saturday and still receiving hostess credit which is really nice. ☺

Super excited obviously.  What lady wouldn't be excited to see a large bright pink box?

Briana.  Being goofy as usual... modeling with my large utility tote!

Here's a little past experience that I waned to share...

About six years ago I was working with a business group:  Quixtar
I believe in their business model, I loved the team I worked with.  I went to 3 conferences, weekly team meetings, etc.  Quixtar changed my life... made me a better person, changed my whole perspective on life and that I am important.  Because of the people I put myself around, it changed my perspective on marriage and finding the one.  Even though I phased myself out of it when I got pregnant with B, I don't regret my time spent with them whatsoever.

Still, it took up a lot of my time.  That's why I love Thirty-One: You can work at your own pace, at your own time.  In order to stay as an active consultant, all you have to do is to make sure you have $200.00 in sales (or personal volume) every three months.  It's worth a shot for me!  I'll see where it takes me and if it doesn't work out... 
I at least get to keep all the merchandise!

My new friend Michele helped me out with my first party.  She is a Director that lives in my area and has been in business for the last couple years.  I had such an awesome time!  It felt so easy and non-stressful... probably because the awesome group of ladies that attended!

They were a positive energy in the set environment and not boring whatsoever!

They even volunteered to model.

During my first party I was able to book three future parties.
That got me excited.

Check out my website and view the Spring 2014 catalog if I somehow sparked an interest in you:

If you love it a little,
place an order and join my customer facebook group.

If you love it a lot,
have a party (at home, online or a catalog party.)
You will receive hostess credit to get FREE products off your wishlist.

If you love everything about it,
join my team! ☺


Lauren @ DC Healthy Bites said...

Congratulations on your business venture, sounds like things are moving along! I'm familiar with thirty-one and love their designs. They make great personalized gifts too. Will keep you in mind!

Stephanie Garcia said...

Thank you very much sweet lady!

JD Dammeier said...

Hey there, Steph! I'm glad to see that you're enjoying this new business venture that you have in selling items with wonderful designs. Have you ever thought of promoting your business using social media sites? It could help you gain more customers!

Aligned Right

Cameron said...

It’s good to hear that you found a business venture that fits you. I must say that it has potential since the products are very appealing, not to mention that girls love bags. Haha! But seriously, it’s better to settle on what would best fit your preference and style than working on something that you don’t enjoy at all. Good luck!

Cameron Scott

Clint Shaff said...

I’m so happy for you, Steph! It is a wise decision to venture into something that really has your best interest. I think you’re in a win-win situation in this one. Just imagine, you purchase the products you’ll be selling; and if they stayed long in your stocks, you can still have them for personal use. But seeing those items, I don't think they would stay long in your store space.

Clint Shaff

Barbara Santoro said...

Hi I recently started selling thirty one myself and was surfing the web (like everyone else) looking for ways to improve my business I came across your site and I love it. It has inspired me to start my own and now I see that it can be done.
So Thanks again. said...

Very nice site love it

Rachel @ said...

I love your blog thanks

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Pinching Pennies said...

I just came across your blog and am so glad to have found it! I just received my enrollment kit in that mail today, and much like you decided to start a blog to talk about my journey! I am so excited to get started! I'm afraid I'm going to have a hard time establishing a customer base outside of family though. How has this adventure been for you thus far?!

Shweta Kumari said...

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