Saturday, March 1, 2014

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WEEK: 35... home stretch!

WEIGHT GAIN: 30-35 pounds total

STRETCH MARKS: A couple marks on my lower belly... I hope they disappear!

BELLY BUTTON: Holding strong innie

LABOR SIGNS: No contractions.  Though I did have a little scare on Sunday, just feeling sick and a little light headed.

LINEA NIGRA:  It FINALLY came a couple weeks ago!

GENDER: Another beautiful female soon to be in our household.

SLEEP: Definitely interrupted sleep with having to go to the bathroom once or twice a night.  I'm taking more naps especially when I get home from work and don't have to work the next day.

NURSERY UPDATE: It's finally coming along.  We've made space in my bedroom and moved the office in there.. Now just need to get the nursery cleaned up and get all the things out of the closet and into the addict.  Also need the Hubs to get up in the attic to find baby clothes we used for Briana. Excited!

FEELING... like poop most days but I try to keep smiling.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still fit and refuse to buy anything else!  I live in my moccasins.  Check out these ugly cankles!

BEST MOMENT OF THIS WEEK: Nothing yet.  But the baby shower is on Saturday!

MISS ANYTHING:  Spicy food and seeing my feet.

FOOD CRAVINGS:  Nothing unusual.

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: No just some pains here and there and lots of feeling uncomfortable.  

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF: Off and hanging on my necklace

HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME: In between the two HAHA! Hormones are-a raging.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Baby girl's baby shower on Saturday and less than 30 days until we get to meet her!