Free Weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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I call this my free weekend since I don't have to request off of work for it.  Every year MVCC closes down the first two weeks in January!  It's a nice break... but such a tease.  Steve tells me that this a preview of what will be happening in a year or so for me.  He really cheers me up good!  Busy busy weekend it was.

Friday was such a beautiful day!  Thank God Briana loves the outdoors.  We ran around the neighborhood and played at the park.  Tons of kids were out playing so she definitely had some fun interaction.

 We also had time to wash our car & truck before the sun went down.  My big girl helped! :)

Friday evening I headed over to my sister's house to get started on shower and  bachelorette party planning/wine night!  Of course wine night makes anything more fun.  We have come up with two separate showers.  My future sister-in-law had two which gave me a good idea... So we came up with one shower with the "Old Ladies" (in laws, mom's, aunts) and one shower with my friends.  Which means one dry shower and one with alcohol... Good times ahead!

On Saturday I went to a wedding.  Congratulations Sarah and Mannix!  Mannix is apart of our family and I'm so happy for him!  He finally found a sweet pretty lady to spend the rest of life with.  Sarah's Aunt's played music for their ceremony.

The ceremony was wonderful.  I definitely got a little weepy at times!

Briana was with us and people were surprised at how good she was.

The reception hall was a few blocks away in DC.  I was amazed with the layout and all the beautiful decorations.

The food was great.  The toasts to the bride and groom were awesome.  And then the dancing began!  Our family knows how to have a good time that's for sure... if you're not dancing, there has got to be something wrong with ya.  We had such a great time!

Sunday, I was supposed to run my first 5K!  I had signed up for it a few days ago, went to pick up my packet on Saturday morning before the wedding and was so excited for it.  I didn't wake up until after the race was over. Seriously? Grrr!  I had my clothes out and ready, my water bottle and snack together, my number all ready to be pinned on to my shirt.  This past week I've had trouble sleeping.  Most nights I wouldn't get to sleep until after 4AM... I'm not blaming anything but myself though.  I'll beat myself up for the next couple of days but there will be more races in the future!  

On Monday I will be back to my strict diet & exercise routine until the festivities start!  Three days a week at boot camp, maybe some long runs on my own.

I also have meetings this week with my boss about pricing for our wedding reception and with my cup cake lady at The WeddingLoft. YAY!  Things are starting to move along.  Slowly but surely everything's coming together!


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