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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Bahaha... what am I not good at?

Zip it! I can hear laughter.  Shh.

Putting on the serious face, here we go.  The things I am good at:

-Mommyhood (though I do tell myself at times that I'm not, who doesn't?)
-Making people laugh
-Freaking out about things that don't matter (ooh yes that was discussed last night actually!)
-Calm and collected to things that DO matter.
-My job.  Everyone has a job.  I have 3!  Full-time mommy, part-time Moonbounce lady & part-time server/bartender. 
-Eating. Some days I just live to eat!
-Becoming more in control of my body.  Trying to create a better way of life through fitness.
-Running (well.. jogging at my own pace.)  I have finally started to enjoy it!
-Being supportive to family/friends when needed most.
-Consignment shopping Queen :)
-Taking photos of my growing crazy toddler.
-I'm a good soon-to-be Wifey!
-Being sarcastic
-Memorizing things
-Staying up late.
-Drinking beer and all my other favorite calorie filled alcoholic beverages!
-Beer pong! 
        *That's how I met my wonderful Fiance... I kicked his butt :)
-Making Princess Briana happy.
-Driving a truck! 
-Backing into parking spots.
-Encouraging others
-I get along well with just about anyone.
-Winning people over- 
              I love starting new relationships and connecting with others.
-Dancing! Especially after a couple cocktails... ya can't stop me.
-Getting upset when someone else is procrastinating! 
           HAHA I can't win.
-Having faith that every situation will eventually turn out fine.
-Thinking too much.
-Putting myself down.
-Bartending. I really am pretty damn good!
-Customer Service. Either when I'm answering phone calls for our business or at the country club serving the members... I know how to make others happy.
-I want the best for other people.
-Been know to be overly caring for others.
-Being thankful.
-And then being negative the next day!
-Trying to do too much at one time. I want it all done NOOOW.
-Last minute things
-Moving heavy things.
-Cussing! Ugh.
-Being addicted to Facebook, Pinterest and my Ipod Touch apps!
-Kissing. I try to kiss Steve & Briana ALL the time :)
-Hugging. I love hugging everyone. I don't see any harm in it!
-Repeating myself.
-Raising my voice...
-Party planning. Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am... but I enjoy it at least.
-Being confused.
-Not completing projects.. it's a work in progress.
-Reading books.
-Not answering texts.
-Buying too much from Cost Co
-Buying too much take out.
-Making easy and fast meals.
-Throwing stuff out.
-And hoarding things that take up space HAH
-Holding in my thoughts & emotions...
-Having a messy house.
-Giving. If I have it and you need it, it's yours. The feeling afterwards makes me want to do it more often.
-Smiling. Even when times are rough!
-Crying. You need a good cry every now and then.
-Listening to others when they need a shoulder.
-Being a good sister & daughter! 

I'm good at daydreaming about what my future holds with my family.

WOO!  This was hard.
This was at no means meant to be a *bragging* list.  It took me awhile to do it... I wont say how long.  I even debated on not finishing it.  But I'm glad I did!  I suppose now I must come up with a list of the things I'm NOT good at.  Easy peasy!  I think most can agree that it's much easier to come up with a list of things you're terrible at.  I thought my list would be much much shorter.  I'm proud of myself that I came up with a big list.

I know I haven't blogged in awhile.  Kind of have been in a funk... and busy  with Briana, work and wedding planning of course!  Look at me coming up with excuses again. :)


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