Monday Listicles

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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I stumbled across The Good Life blog and fell in love with her Monday Listicles blog hop.
I like the idea... keeps me blogging.  I promise to post on my Bridal Shower this week!

10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Woman

1.  I get to be a Mommy.  I have the privilege to carry and bring life into this world.

2.  I’m aloud to cry!

3.  When I’m down… RETAIL THERAPY.

4.   To feel sexy I get to dress up, wear high heels, wear make up.

5.  My best accessory = BOOBS.

6.  Meaningless things & events make me extremely happy and excited.

7.  I get to be a BRIDE!

8.  I can have whatever hair style that I choose.  Nice and long!

9.  I get to be wanted and needed.  Wanted by my future husband (in more ways than one) and needed by my child.

10.   I get to be loved for who I am, receive beautiful presents and treated like a princess by my partner.


Lisa said...

Retail therapy a personal favourite.

Stasha said...

You are right. They are a pretty great accessory: soft, perky pretty. Men love them and they feed children :)
Very excited to "meet" you and celebrate your marriage with you!

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