Bachelorette Bash!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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This past weekend was A W E S O M E!
I only had to work one day this past week which is always a plus.
Saturday was my Bachelorette Outing which turned into quite the shit show (it was expected.)  I really wanted to go away on a trip but we couldn't get the plans together... or the people, or the money for it.  But that's ok, anywhere you go there's food and shots!

My sister planned for friends and my future Garcia relatives to meet us at The Cheesecake Factory in Arlington for dinner.  YUM!

LOVE every single one of them!

There's ME!  The Bachelorette!

Afterwards, we all headed to Clarendon Ballroom which was close enough to walk to.  The walk to and from the bar was entertaining... I should have taken photos of all the leaners and sleepers in Green.  To all the drunkey's that drank all day for the St Patrick's Holiday:  Thanks for providing me with some good laughs!

Everyone either wanted to...
-Hug Me
-Call me a Quitter
-Buy me a drink
-And dance with me (which was quite embarrassing at times!)


This is my, "Oh no it's tequila" face.

"There's the Bride!"  THANKS girls for calling me out.... God *&#%*#!

This is probably the only decent dancing photo of me... the rest were god awful!

My signature tipsy face.

I bet you're thinking I was dead to the world the next day?
Thanks to dancing the night away and sleeping until 1AM on Sunday... I was good to go!
Sunday was actually very eventful.  I spent the day with my Hubby-To-Be picking up and delivering moon bounces, went out to lunch, played mini golf and spent time with my almost official In - laws.  A great way to end a weekend.


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Hey!! Such an amazing bachelorette bash. Really glad to go through these photographs. Couple of days back has attended my friend’s bachelorette party at DC wedding venues. Many different cocktails were there. Had really an enjoyable day.

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