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Monday, March 19, 2012

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I LOVE Freecycle.  For those that haven't heard me rave about it countless times...
The Freecycle Network is a group of over 8 million members that are giving away their things that they no longer need in their area.  I have gotten my hands on so much from kid's clothing to clothes for myself, toys, shoes, etc!  I have also given lots of things away that we no longer need and that's always such a good feeling to know that it's not being thrown away, but given to a good home.  When you get onto the website you need to pick your city, state and sign up.  FYI, it may take a day or two.  When you get accepted and find something that you would like to have (that isn't taken already) just message the person and see if it's still available.  If it is they will send you their address and it's yours.

This past week was a fricken' AWESOME week.  Everytime I got a hold of something, I felt like I was winning a prize!

Clothes for Briana

Victoria Secret Bras along with a Sports Bra

Blouses & Tops for me that fit PERFECTLY

Two Lamps from a family that was moving...

A Butterfly rug for Briana's Room

Hoping to find some good finds this week!


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