Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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My poor blog!
I've been neglecting her.
I now no longer have enough hours in a day.  So much I want to do with only two days off of work now.  Hanging out with the family, friends, and trying to get my boot camp work outs in has been difficult.  Reading and blogging are my favorite hobbies and doing both everyday is non-existent.
I need advice on how to manage my TIME.
I don't know how many times I've thought/said that.  It's a never ending battle even when I was a partial stay at home Momma.

Anyway, my new job at work has been interesting.  I barely know what day it is anymore!
Luckily, I've found some time to go out and let loose recently...

.... and me at work on Mother's Day ☺

Mother's Day was great.  
It's amazing how many compliments and congrats I got.  Along with people telling my boss that he "made a good move." (He's probably sick of that shit by now, but I'm not!)
Afterwards, I had dinner with my Hubs, the in laws, & Briana.  

I've also found time to "team build" with some of my fellow co-workers. 
Since we see each other all the time now and we like each other (always a PLUS,) 
it should be a rule that you need to do fun activities outside of work.
So manicures and shopping is what we did today!

My favorite purchase today: Polka dots of course (shocker?)

At this moment in my life, I'm so happy with all the people in it.  I'm feeling much more positive, happy and loved. Life is great. ♥


Celena Fletcher said...

Missed you! :) Glad you had a good Mothers Day (Happy Mothers Day by the way :) ) Love the shirt, and love the Mothers Day card :)


Blogger said...

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