Dear Younger Self..

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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10 years ago, I was 18.  A very lost eighteen year old.  I thought I was a grown ass woman and knew it all.  I was very broken and rebellious.  My life wasn't going anywhere and at times, very dark.  My life spiraled out of control from ages fifteen to twenty-one but that's besides the point.  Ten years later, I'm not perfect but I have my shit together for the most part and I'm always a work in progress.  If I was standing next to my 18-year-old self, I would not only want to beat the crap out of her... I would want to cry and hold her.  Here are some things I would say:

○ You get better looking with age! ☺

○ Your father disowned you because he's a wacko and it's not your fault.  Get your ass up and do something with your life.

○ Time heals.  It REALLY does... i'm proof!

○ Walk away from the older people that you think are your friends, they're just a bad influence on you and you will fall into a world full of hurt.

○ SLOW DOWN.  Don't try to rush life.

○ Yep.  Drugs & Alcohol are bad especially if you're doing crazy shit before you're even twenty one!

○ You are worth it.

○ There are men out there that are worth dating... and eventually marrying. 

○ Be carefree, not careless.

○ Don't take yourself too seriously.

○ Stand up for yourself.

○ Don't drink and drive... you'll get in loads of trouble and will spend thousands of dollars that you'll never see again and will have to answer and ask permission from law makers.  NOT WORTH THE PAIN.

○This too shall pass.

○ Take loads of pictures.

○ You will live past the age of 25 even after all the crazy things you've done.

○ "I will never have kids."  Yes you will.
Believe it or not, this is one of your biggest purposes in your life.

○ He'll never change.  Don't go back to him either!  Let him go.

○ Don't base your self-worth on a man and don't make him your first priority.

○ Trust your gut.

○ People will walk in and out of your life in an instant... don't be so upset.  That's life.

○ When the going get's tough... sometimes no one is there.  It's going to hurt bad and you're going to feel so alone.. but time really does heal and you'll find better friends.  It will make you stronger.

○ Laugh.  All the time.

○ Shots make you do bad things. (Like I said, still a work in progress!)

○ You will grow a butt if you work out!

○ Your momma will always be there, be nice to her!

○ Don't let your happiness depend on another person.

○ Each new year is a gift to be enjoyed.

○ College is easier than real life.  You should have gone!

○ You will not be ready to settle down for a looong time.

○ It's not what you know that matters, it's who you know.

○ You will be able to quit smoking.  It may be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but worth it!

○ Some families are distant and sometimes it's better to leave it like that.

○ Try new things.  Strive for something that stretches you.

○ FORGIVE.  And move on.

○ Most importantly, forgive yourself.


Heather Paulding said...

Some young thing is going to read this and it will change their life. Xo

Noor said...

It all gets better with time , for sure :) As youngsters , we DON'T know the heck of life.

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