BUMP UPDATE: 30 Weeks Pregnant- Getting Closer to the Finish Line!

Friday, January 24, 2014

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I have not been very good with my pregnancy updates... shame on me.
Well, I'm thirty weeks pregnant now!  I'm starting to slow down A LOT and don't have much motivation at work, or at home for that matter.  Baby girl is definitely getting bigger and moving a ton which causes me to feel lots of discomfort.  COME ON MARCH!
Only 9 weeks to go until we meet our second baby girl.

WEEK: 30

WEIGHT GAIN: 30 pounds! 

STRETCH MARKS:  Around where my c-section scar is... lower belly

BELLY BUTTON:  Still an innie!  It's what I call the deep dark abyss.. no way that thing is turning into an outtie.

LABOR SIGNS: Nada, nothing.

LINEA NIGRA:  For some reason it hasn't showed up this time... weird.

GENDER: Another princess ☺

SLEEP: Pretty good still!  I'm starting to get more tired again now that the third trimester is here.  My body pillow is my best friend.

NURSERY UPDATE:  The Hubs and my little lady put the crib together.  There are boxes of diapers and wipes on top of it.  We also have a changing station.  Other than that, nothing has been done... if I was home more I think I'd have more motivation!

FEELING: Pretty good.  Depends on the day... every other day I feel like poop!

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  Some of my size M's are starting to feel snug... stop growing so fast baby!

MISS ANYTHING:  Sometimes I miss my old body and how there wasn't a huge belly in the way.

FOOD CRAVINGS:  Not really.  I don't crave much right now... sometimes I have to force myself to eat.  WOMP.

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK:  In the last couple weeks I've gone through little spells of nausea.  Hopefully it doesn't get any worse.

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF: Still on but some days I can't take them off because my fingers are swollen.

HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME:  I think happy.. though I have had some mini meltdowns lately!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  My baby shower on March 1st!


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Adorable preggo belly! :) xo

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