Lilyana Rose: Her Birth Story

Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Mommy & Daddy patiently waiting (somewhat) to go into surgery

Well folks, we had our baby and I'm finally getting around to posting about it!  Lilyana Rose was born on Tuesday, March 25th at 2:22PM weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

My first born was delivered via Emergency Cesarean due to baby being in distress and I did NOT have the best experience.  Maybe I was just in terrible pain but I felt the doctor's didn't have good bedside service... my arm was strapped down (I wanted to kill a mother fu*&^%!)  It was just messy.  
This time around I wanted to do it right.  I decided to go with a scheduled C-Section at 39 weeks and chose my favorite doctor to deliver Lily.  There was a chance of scar tissue rupturing and even though the chance was small, I didn't want to risk anything.  Just stick to what I know!

We were five days into Spring but the wacked out weather in NOVA decided to dump some snow in our area that morning.  We had to arrive at noon to check in and get me hooked up to an IV and a monitor.  My first nurse told me I was the fourth Stephanie to arrive that day and I ended up being her favorite. Of course, why wouldn't I be?  My surgery was scheduled for 1:30PM but I think the OR's were a little backed up.  I got to see my doctor beforehand, she always makes me feel good!  Walking to the OR made me a little nervous and anxious but once I walked in... everyone welcomed me, made me feel comfortable and even made me laugh with their goofy humor.  I really lucked out this time!  I couldn't have asked for better people.

The Hubs... taking selfies while waiting for me to get ready on the operating table.

Once they stuck me with the spinal I started to feel numb super quick and they layed me down immediately.  Let me just say this, I HATE the numb feeling and not being in control.  I FREAKED out when I had my first c-section.  I didn't want that to happen again.  I had a mental battle with myself and pushed through it thankfully.

My husband was finally let into the room, my doctor showed up and time started blowing by.  The drapes were dropped and everything began!  Next thing I know, I feel my body being jerked around.  I wish I knew how to explain it but just because you're numb doesn't mean you can't feel what's going on somewhat.

I remember my doctor saying how good my scar tissue looked and how we could definitely have a third baby...
COME ON LADY you haven't even taken out the second one yet!  I haven't had the chance to go through my "i'm not having another baby" phase yet.  Can't even think about that right now HAH

Next thing you know, out came baby Lily.  

To my surprise, she was pretty quiet at first and BIG!  She looked much bigger than eight pounds but I think it was from all the fluid retention.
My doctor said if I had tried natural birth they would have had to do a cesarean anyway due to her big old head.

I immediately felt calm and EXHAUSTED and just wanted to nap right there on the table.  It felt so good to know that she was finally here and healthy.  They jerked my insides around some more
(OUCH.  YEP.  That hurt later once the numbness and morphine wore off.)
Stitched me up and I was on my way to the recovery room.

... and now we have TWO of the world's most perfect, beautiful and wonderful daughters.
I feel so lucky.
Welcome to the world my beautiful Lilyana.
Mommy & Daddy love you oh so dearly!


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