There's A First Time For Everything!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Yay for my first attempt to blogging!
Why?  For months I've been considering the idea of it.  Who knows how it'll go?  Maybe i'll fail or maybe this is something I'll still be doing down the road.
I've been reading all sorts of blogs since I got pregnant. Pregnant blogs, Mommy blogs, Fitness blogs, Wedding blogs and the list goes on!  Anywho, I hope i'm not a bore.

First things first.  I lost 7 pounds in the month of October!  Thanks to me eating healthier and thanks to Custom Fitness Concepts boot camp!  My sister found them on Groupon and so I tried it out for a month.  I decided this would be great to use leading up to my wedding.  Now I plan to stay in it even after I get married.  Boot camp motivates me to eat better and I feel so much stronger just in a month’s time.  I love the group i'm in as well!  My instructor is awesome at what she does and the girls in my group are pretty cool too. 

WEDDING UPDATE:  5 months to go!  I’m so excited it’s finally around the corner.  I can’t wait to become a Garcia!  I can’t wait to marry my best friend and have the same name as my daughter HAH!  I can’t wait to go on a honeymoon because DAMMIT I deserve one!  I mean WEEE deserve one.  I’ve had my wedding dress since like January.  Thanks Mommy and Ellalyne from Labella Bridal!   We have mostly everything ready to go. Though I have procrastinated on sending out Save The Dates and registering… and a couple other things.  Hmm… I probably should really get on those things ASAP.  I know there’s a fricken’ month to month checklist but procrastinators like me don’t exactly go by the book!

Enough about weddings and such.  Happy Halloween everyone!  We sure had quite the awesome day.  For one I made it my personal  “Cheat Day.”  A cheat day is a *eating like a fat kid* day.  I did just that and I’m not done!  It was my reward for the hard work in my losing weight/toning up process.  Briana had a BLAST trick-or-treating.  She was a pink kitty cat!  Now she has crashed off of her sugar high from all of the ahpops (lollipops) and sleeping like a baby!  It’s time for some ME time.  Night  folks!


brigidmc12 said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Your fam is so cute, and congrats on the upcoming wedding! I just started a blog and enjoy seeing the way other people design theirs; yours is great!

Stephy Marie said...

Wow! Thanks a ton Brigid :)
I started a few months ago and I feel like I could really keep this thing going. Thanks for making my day!
I will definitely check yours out.

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