Thanksgiving Holiday!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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A couple days late, I do apologize!  It’s been quite the busy holiday weekend.  Let me start with Thanksgiving day.  I worked 9AM-4PM.  Yes.  BOO!  I would have rather had a nice lazy morning with my little family but ah well… shit happens.  The great thing about it is, my family waited for me to get off work to start the Thanksgiving prayer and grubbing!  This never happens since I normally get off later in the evening.  I felt so special and loved!

The next greatest thing that happened was…
I went to see BREAKING DAWN!  It was definitely worth waiting a week to see.  Though, I think I set my hopes way too high.  But I do know this, Breaking Dawn Part dos will be much more amazing.  I just wish it wouldn’t take another year to come out!

I won’t even talk about Friday because nothing fun or eventful happened besides going to work.   BUT, I did take off Saturday for an important event… my sister’s birthday celebration. J  During the day we went shopping.  Advice to everyone out there:  Do not go shopping after Black Friday because there is nothing good left!  I could not find one of what I call “going out tops.”  Though, I did find a cute pair of $15 jeans from Old Navy.  Just wait until Cyber Monday which is what I’ll be doing next year instead.  ANYWHO, we went out to Guapos for her birthday dinner.  The 27oz margaritas were quite amazing… and potent!  

And then Jenny gets quite the surprise…  

You can imagine what has happened here!  Then off to Velocity 5 we go for more drinks and dancing.  Now let me remind you, I do not to get out and play with adults very much at all anymore.  But when I do, I certainly do it up!  Lots of shots, lots of dancing.  

Steve even came out of nowhere and danced with ME!  This has never happened as long as our relationship has been going.  He did amaze me for sure!  We all had such a great time.

I refuse to talk about Sunday.  That was the death of me.  I do not know how I used to go out every night before Briana was born.  I guess I just stayed hung over and was used to the body torture!

Monday was officially my sister Jen’s 24th (34th) Birthday.  She of course, is the oldest!  We are about 7 ½ years apart.  I don’t remember too much about my younger years but I do know that I bugged the hell out of her!  Though she does tell me that she’s always loved me even when I was a little *tattle teller.*  I hope you had an awesome Birthday.  I love you!

Have a good week everyone!  Next week I hope to have a little surprise in my blog.  Keep a look out!


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