10 Things That Happen In My Car

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Monday Listicles is one of my favorite link ups.  I love making lists!  This week from The Good Life : 10 Things Road.

1. "MUSICA Mommy, MUSICA!" That's what my daughter says as soon as I start up the car.  My little lady loves it as do I.

2.  Messyness... and most of it is my doing.

3. Me losing my patience when Briana starts throwing her toys everywhere and I can barely reach them to give them back.

4.  I have a road rage problem.  Lots of cussing and beeping goes on!  90% of the time Briana is not in the car :)

5. Once or twice a week my purse tips over off of the front seat dumping everything out onto the floor... really gets me boiling!

6. If I forget my sunglasses it's quite the miserable ride.

7. "GOO! Move! Get outta way!" Now that I think about it, maybe my daughter might have road rage too.

8. I'm always prepared with snacks or my IPod Touch (that has plenty of toddler entertainment/games) just  in case I'm a few minutes from home and Briana is sleepy... keeps her going strong 'til we get home to put her down for her daily nap which ='s Mommy Alone Time.  Genius move!

9. I have this stock pile of change in my console.  It's a good habit to have especially if I need to get through a toll road... no panicking for me!

10. I love taking silly pictures of or with my child!


Jackie said...

I am a product of Northern New Jersey driving and in turn am a maniac behind the wheel. I truly am scared of what my daughters might start saying as a result of my loose lips when I'm behind the wheel.

Stephy Marie said...

OH I believe you! I'm in Northern Virginia only a few mins from DC and it's impossible to stay sane.

Stasha said...

Such cute pictures. We need to start closing our purses when in the car. Reading everyone's lists- it's an epidemic. When will we learn ;)

Brittanie Holderness said...

Ten makes it all worth it, no? Well, if you have trouble with litter inside the car, perhaps placing a small bag to place them in might help. A mini container to store the clutter can help make the interior feel peaceful during a drive...

-Brittanie Holderness

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