Groom Sees Bride For The First Time...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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First Look Photos!

Steve and I thought it was best to get a lot of photos taken before the ceremony.  We learned that time is precious and we didn't have much of it when it came in between the ceremony and reception.  Karyn took photos ranging from getting me dress ready to bridal party shots, family photos and of course first look shots.

Rules were thrown out the window.. Example: Groom is not aloud to see the Bride before the ceremony.  YEAH, OK!  We are by no means the traditional couple as most of you know.  It was silly for me to want to go by that rule.  Plus, I REALLY wanted him to see me in my dress!

Hello Mr. Handsome...

Here I come!


I suppose seeing me all dolled up causes some emotion... :)

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Garcia!

Next up will be Bridal Party Photos. 
Thanks for viewing!


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