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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Haven't done one of these posts in a couple weeks so it might be a little on the random side!
My daughter went through a two day phase of not wanting to take off her Burger King crown.
As you can see...

This past Father's Day...

I was able to afford a new grill for my Husband.
What a lucky guy!
I love him what can I say... and he's a wonderful daddy.

Oh!  I can't forget about the free golf "starter" clubs I was able to get him.
It's good to know people :)

Gosh.  He's so spoiled!

This afternoon we had a moon bounce event to set up at Fort Hunt Park so we hung around Old Town, Alexandria for most of the afternoon until the event was over. 
What a beautiful day it was!

Last but not least, check out our awesome new clock from Spain.  It's now hanging on our wall by the front door.


Graceful, parenting and humor said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable!!!!

Stephy Marie said...

Thank you! :)

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