Things I Could Do If I Didn't Have A Toddler

Friday, June 29, 2012

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I've been meaning to do this post for awhile now but well, you know... life is crazy and I can be quite forgetful.

I know.

The title sounds harsh?  A little selfish?  Take it how you want!
(Inspiration comes from People I Want To Punch In The Throat)

* All the extra money that doesn't go to bills I could spend on myself.

* More vacations and traveling.

* I could cuss... without feeling bad or looking around to see if any children are present.

* Date nights would be more than once every other month or once a month if I'm lucky.

* I would have more privacy in the bathroom!

* Going back to school was on my list before I got pregnant... I'm pretty sure I would have gone back.

* I would quite possibly be in jail.  I've had my run-in's with the law in my teenage/young adult years.  (MAYBE one day I'll have the courage to share that portion of my life to the blog world.)

* Leaving the house wouldn't have to be such a thought out process.  If you forget that one diaper or toy, snacks or juice... you're doomed.

* I would have a different job by now.  A 9-5 set work scheduled job with free weekends of course!

* My social life would be packed with things to do with my friends.

*  I've always loved going to watch movies.  I wouldn't need a babysitter and I wouldn't have a problem staying AWAKE during it either! 

* My hubby and I's sex life would AHEM... exist more than once or twice a week?

* It would be easier to decide what I'm going to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

* Being hungover would be MUCH easier by myself! 

* Road trips wouldn't be so hard to prepare for.

*Able to watch TV that has a dying child without feeling like my heart was just torn out.  Yes my friends that have no children.. it feels just like that.

* Most days wouldn't have to be planned out around naps and such.  Though I do love napping...

A pretty good list I think.

I am greatful, thankful and super truly blessed with what I have now.  
I have an amazing beautiful family with awesome in laws... I would never want to lose any of it.
Every now and then I get away with some of these on the list but I wouldn't trade 'em for my little lady.

She saved my life.  Changed it for the better!  I'm glad to be growing older, wiser and more mature, thanks to her and the Husband.
My life has purpose and I have goals and a wonderful future ahead.

One day I'll be able to have all the Freedom again once Briana (and the future babies grow up) and I'll probably be sticking my foot in my mouth... missing them and wanting them to come back Haha.


Emma Kershaw said...

Haha! Love this! I have a 22 month old and I know exactly how you feel, great post :) xx
Beauty by Emma said...

Oh, to go to the bathroom by yourself!

Dani @ InspireMotivateLove said...

I feel like you just took all the thoughts out of my brain and spilled them on "paper"! Hahah! I love it. :)

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