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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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10 Reasons Birthday's are Awesome or Terrible

1. If your birthday is in the summer like mine (and my little lady,) you can plan events outside!  The downside is that it's hard to get people together because people make plans way in advance or are on vacation.

2.  I LOVE planning/decorating my kids parties.

3. I HATE cleaning up afterwards!

4.  For my birthday, I tend to over drink which means yucky hangover the next day.
I don't know how I used to party all the time when I was younger....

It's even exciting for me when Briana gets presents :)

6. Cake & Ice Cream = My favorite food group.

7. Watching my loves have a great time on their special day is the best feeling ever.

8. Another excuse to throw a party. 
I love parties.  I love throwing parties for MYSELF.  Yeah I said it.  I am an awesome party thrower.

9. Cleaning the house the night before so everyone doesn't think you're dirty S-U-C-K-S!

10. Two words= Moon Bounce.  It's entertainment all in itself.  Other than cake and food, that's really all we need to worry about. (Till she gets older anyway...)


Robbie K said...

I despise cleaning house for a party especially when I know it will be destroyed in seconds!

Stasha said...

Ups and downs. But little girls eyes lighting up makes it so so worth it!! Lovely list.

MamaCassie said...

I'm all about the cake and ice cream too! Oh and presents :)

Niki said...

Cake and ice cream are definitely two of the best food groups :)

Found you through the GFC hop - happy Tuesday!

AudreyN said...

Cleaning for a party does suck! So does cleaning up!

Recovering Supermom said...

I hate the cleaning, too, but also love the cake and ice cream! Add pizza and I'm sold. :)

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