Ten Things I Would Miss and Ten Things I Wouldn't!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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Monday Listicles

Umm... It's Tuesday now but WHATEV!
We weren't home most the day.  Monday's used to be my lazy day but since moon bounce season is upon us, my Hubs drags me out to pick them up from the weekend events.
Whining? Maybe a little cause I'm tried.  BUT I do love helping him.

10 Things I Would Miss if I Die Today

1. My Daughter & Husband
2. All the other members of my Fam
3. July & December
4. Food
5. Friendship
6. Taking pictures (though I'm not the best photographer)
7. The improvements of my life... the feeling of hope for my family's future.
8. Ice cream
9. The Beach
10. Caffeine 

10 Things I Wouldn't Miss

1. BILLS... blah
2. Allergies... and having them all year round SUCKS!
3. Rude/mean people
4. PMSing
5. My lack of patience.
6. Working and being away from the babe and Hubs
7. Cleaning the house
8. Drama
9. Acting/thinking negatively

10. Dieting
... because in Heaven I will have the perfect body... RIGHT?!


Stasha said...

Oh I hear you. But your missing things are so wonderful it all equals out in the end. Love the positive thinking!

@dkotucker said...

If we don't have perfect bodies in Heaven...we've obviously gone to Hell instead. ;P

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