My Friends Threw Me A Baby Shower!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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This beautiful lady here.. I'm lucky to have as my friend. ☺

I think she knows me too well... 


Someone also made a baby carriage out of fruit... something I've been obsessing over ever since I saw it at a friends shower a couple years ago.

Since our place of employment will start renovations in January, Brandi threw me an early baby shower with our co-workers on December 1st.  It was supposed to be a surprise (though I did find out about it on accident!)
It's all about the thought that counts!  No friend has ever done this for me before.  I feel so blessed, loved and will never forget this day.  I have developed some great relationships with some of the girly's I work with and will miss them a lot once the clubhouse shuts down for a couple months. ♥


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