The Santa Ice Palace at Fair Oaks Mall

Monday, December 2, 2013

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Last year.. the Hub, B and I went to take pictures with Santa on Christmas Eve.
Let's just say that I'm never doing that EVER again!
I promised myself that this year we will get a head start.

Two weeks ago, my friend and I went to the mall for a mani/pedi and of course some Cheesecake Factory for lunch (mostly really go just for the cheesecake.)  Crazy enough, Santa was there already because who cares about Thanksgiving?  Us American's shit on Thanksgiving and skip right over to the Christmas holiday season.

Over the weekend I heard that the Fair Oaks Mall Fun Zone re-opened and so I thought that I'd love to take Briana there to check out the new kids area and get her Santa pictures done and over with all in one shot.  **SUCCESS!**  The Ice Palace is beautifully spectacular.  Not only is it a 30 foot Ice Dome with falling snow and a light show... Ice Age: Continental Drift is the theme.  Here are a few pictures from our little adventure:

The prices were definitely do-able.

Briana had such a great time.  She LOVES Santa...
and since we were the only ones in line, she got some good one on one time with.  ☺
Afterwards, Santa comes up to me and says: "your daughter is such a sweetheart."
"I asked her if she had any questions she wanted to ask me for Christmas and she says:  I love my mommy and daddy."
Look at this little lady.. kissing up to Santa!  I love her to death.


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