Goals For March 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Is it really March already?  The Hubs and I will be married one year on the 31st of this month!  Holy hell, I can't believe it.  This year will be our 5th year together... honestly, longest relationship I've ever been in.  That will probably come up again in another post sometime this month.
Anywho, in February I was effing lazy.  **Kicking myself**  I looked back at my February fitness goals post and I didn't complete one goal.  AHH, I'm so shitty.

There is one thing I'm super happy about in the month of February.  I have found a like (not love yet, but like) in cooking.  I know the boring basics with cooking up a chicken breast, steak, pasta, or a piece of fish with rice and veggies.  Out of nowhere one day, it just clicked.  I made the Chicken Tamale Bake that I found off of Pinterest and it was delish.  I have made a handful of new things this past month.  I'm so so proud of myself!  What a great outcome:  The Hubs is happy and it also means less eating out because that is just too damn expensive.

I have decided to not only do fitness goals, but all around goals about anything and everything.  So, here we go:

March 2013 Goals:

○ Plan more outings with Briana.
The last two weeks we've been cooped up in the house first with B being sick.. then spreading it to Steve and I WOMP WOMP.

○ Make some DIY Easter decor for the house.
I find all these wonderful ideas on Pinterest and never try them out.  I'm not very good at starting things.  If I could do just that, it would be half the battle, right?

○ Hopefully the Hubs and I can come up with something nice to do together for our one year wedding Anniversary!  We were going to take a cruise but we couldn't save enough money for it like I hoped.  Even if it's just a weekend getaway somewhere, I would be a happy lady. ♥

○ Go on a movie date with the Hubs while the little lady is at school.
Ugh.  I think the last movie I went to was Breaking Dawn 2 in November.

Exercise four times a week (the days I'm off work Mon-Thurs)!  Last month, I barely went to boot camp twice a week.  Big 'ol FAIL.
This month I would like to up it to three days a week + one run day.  I love running, I've just had no luck in the motivation department lately.  I will also be trying out/adding workouts to my routine from BodyRock.tv and Muffin Topless.
I'm getting excited for Monday already!

○ Clean up & organize the playroom/office.
Such a damn mess!  Must get it ready (especially this computer desk) for when event orders start piling in again.

○ Continue to find new recipe's to try.
Slowly turning myself into a domestic goddess!

○ Catch up with a couple of girlfriends that I miss. ♥


The Students Wife said...

I love that you have goals month by month.. I can't believe its march either, this year is already flying by for me!


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