Fitness Friday: WHAT Fitness?

Friday, March 22, 2013

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WAHOO!  I'm so pumped because I've been invited by the DC Metro Area Running Bloggers to join their group. ☺
But when it's come to my fitness lately... I haven't been so, *WAHOO!* about it...
Let's see.  
○Three weeks ago, my little lady was sick.  The only downfall of preschool is the sharing of viruses!  Let's just say, mommy was very busy doctoring up baby. 
○Two weeks ago, I was sick that whole week.  (Thanks, darling.)
○Last week, was the start of allergy season for me.  All week I felt like hell!  I was in the mood to go on a run last Wednesday and it was terrible.  I couldn't breathe, my legs felt like they had extra weight attached to them... AWFUL, AWFUL run.
○I went back to my boot camp class this past week on Tuesday.  Beforehand I was energized and before we were halfway through I wanted to go home.  My body is.  SO.  WEAK.
I have been working out on a consistent basis for over a year and a half now and this is the worst I have felt since the beginning of my fitness journey.  
So, so mad at my body right now!
Normally I would tell someone with all that reasoning, "STOP with the excuses!"  But I hadn't been so *under the weather* like this in years... so I wont put myself down.
Time to move forward.  Time to get my fitness routine back up at the top of my list.
Have you ever felt something similar?  Please do share with me your tips on getting back in it.

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Anonymous said...

So happy you joined in on fitness friday! Looking forward to running the 5k with you too. Luv @runningbloggers

AmyC @ running escapades said...

TGIF!! Stopping by from running bloggers :)

Make a workout date with someone. That definitely motivates me.

Brigid said...

I've been feeling like such a slouch in the fitness department...and I don't even have a good excuse like you do!

I got back into the running thing this week and am LOVING it. I signed up for a race so I know I can't keep putting off the runs (unless I want to finish dead last). Committing to something like that definitely motivates me. Good luck!

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