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Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Nice to see you November!  I LOVE the fall.  I wish all the Fall Festivals wouldn't stop until the bitter cold came. I love taking Briana out for all of the festivities and making memories.  Farms, corn mazes, slides, hayrides, petting zoos, apple cider, kettle corn, jelly and I could go on forever.

So yeah, it's been awhile... I felt it was time to dust off my little blog.  Hopefully I can add it back in to my crazyness of a schedule.  I left off saying Goodbye for awhile due to my job promotion and going back to work full time.  It's been great for the most part!  I love the people I work with (though there's always that one that annoys the crap out of you.)  But all in all, life is good.  Family is good.  GREAT actually since I found out we are expecting again!

Took long enough right?  I've been having baby fever for way too long.  But I am glad that only one out of two kids will be in diapers.  Briana will be close to five years old by the time Little Pumpkin #2 comes out next year.  I hope that B will be ok with all of this and not get too jealous...

I am almost 19 weeks along.  Just a little over a week until we find out if baby is a Boy or Girl.  So excited to find out finally and to hit the half way mark!  With my first pregnancy, I had no morning sickness.  This time around, the whole First Trimester was spent with nausea... no vomiting, but I couldn't eat much.  I was so sleepy all the time.  Once I hit the Second Trimester, I've been feeling pretty good.  I still like to sleep, but not as much.  There is some soreness, probably due to expanding.  Oh yes, and my boobs are HUGE.  Holy God I've never seen something grow so fast... wasn't exactly a thrilling experience!  Other than that, I'm happy as a clam.  I plan to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest.  Thanks to Pinterest, I've come up with tons of photo ideas.  Very much looking forward to the festivities in a few months.  
The plan is to have another c-section at 39 weeks to prevent my scar tissue from rupturing.  The arrival will be on the last week of March which will also be the Hubs and I's second year Anniversary.
Now if I could only build up the motivation to start cleaning and getting the house ready...

Very much looking forward to the month of November.  

○ Finding out the gender of my baby bump!

○Thanksgiving (and having off of work for once!)

○ My sister's Birthday landing on Thanksgiving

Having some time off work on the weekends to spend with Family

○ Baking

○ Getting started on baby registries ☺


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