Hate/Love Winter!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Oh oh my my Gaaaaod it's cold.
I'm thinking today is the coldest day we've had so far in Northern VA.
17 degrees and no snow.  If it's this damn cold it should be $!@#%^& snowing!
It's even worse when you have to get a snotty nosed three year old all bundled up to go out and run errands.

Things I Hate About Winter:

♦My child getting sick.  Since she's in preschool now it's like a must for her to bring home nasty colds.

♦The amount of time it takes to get all layered up to go out in it.  I get all sweaty and I lose my patience... not cool.

♦Wind and cold don't mix well.  Your face gets all numb as the wind cuts at your face making your eyeballs cry!

♦Being pale and looking like a sick person.

♦Allergies.  It's hard to tell when I'm sick or if I'm just having an allergic reaction that holds out for days.

♦If it's freezing cold then the least it could do is snow... and it hasn't for the last two Winter's= Frustrating!

♦ The fact that it gets dark so early.

♦It's too cold to play outside.

Things I Love About Winter:



♦Blankets to cuddle with.


♦I can hide my squishy love handles a lot better...

♦ Lazyness!

There's not much I love.  I think Fall is my new favorite season.
Ah, well.  Hope everyone's staying warm!


Bailey- I Know All the Words said...

new follower from the friends to followers hop! looking forward to reading your blog :D


She said...

Woot woo! Newest follower from the blog hop!!

She http://thesongthatsummersings.blogspot.com.au/ xx

Noor Unnahar said...

I used to love Winter but now , I'm soooo missing summer.
I'm your new follower from blog hop . Come to my blog sometime .
Noor @ Noor's Place

Martha said...

I hate the cold too. Of course, it's not 7 in SC, but it is a lot colder than it's supposed to be...
And I'm over this whole getting dark at 5:30 thing. Bring on 9 pm sunsets and 100% humidity!

Following from the blog hop!

Anonymous said...

I live here in Northern Va too & I agree the weather is crazy!!

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