Stephanie & Steve's Photo Session- December, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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Thankfully, Monday was a gorgeous day out for pictures!  I got my makeup done professionally for the first time ever.  It was Steve’s idea!  I was very happy with the result.  Steve says I’m spoiled but it’s his fault… you wouldn’t catch me doing anything like that before he came around!  I’m doing it again for my wedding day.  Totally worth it! J
I’ve known my wedding photographer since I was 10 years old.  Karyn’s daughter Ashleigh and I are around the same age.  We played softball together for years, went to the same schools, had a lot of the same friends.  Karyn and my mother are also very close.  So she’s basically family! 

Karyn invited us to her home first to snap some photos in her backyard.

Of course Briana was in our pictures!  The engagement photos would not have been the same without her... she's already apart of our lives.  I've seen plenty of photo shoots where couples bring their own pets, etc.  I think she's a much better prop!  Oh, and don't you love how we match? <3

Next we headed off to Occoquan Regional Park.  What a beautiful place it was.  I can't believe I've never been there! We started at the pier...

Once that was over I was glad to move on to a different part of the park.  My heels were so skinny, they kept getting caught in the cracks!  Karyn would have paid for me to fall in but I was able to walk off without any accidents!

Notice how Briana isn't in all of the pictures.  What has she been up to?

She's dragging Nana around and playing.  Thanks Mommy!

By this time,  my heels are KILLING my feet.  As much as I love shoes, I start to die a little if I'm in them too long.  The things I do to please my man!

Last but not least we head to this awesome looking building!

What an amazing day it ended up being.  Who knew such a fun day could be so exhausting!  Karyn ended up taking over 600 pictures and really out did herself.  Thank you so much for everything!  We love you.  Hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I have. 

This is a next step to our big day.  Less than 4 months to go!  Once Holiday season is over it's GO time and once January & February are over, the festivities begin.  I can't believe it's finally almost here!


DeepDarkSecret said...


Your pictures are amazing. You have such a great family and you're going to make a truly beautiful bride. Congrats and good luck to you, Steve and Briana. <3

Jen Ventris

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