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Thursday, December 22, 2011

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I know it's pretty terrible.  It's been two weeks since I've updated my blog.  Though lots of exciting things have been happening! (Well to me anyway.)
The weekend after our engagement photos were taken I got my bridesmaids measured and was able to order all of the dresses.  The dresses will be arriving in mid March.  Just enough time to get alterations done if needed and  just in time for the wedding of course!  I think the girls had a great time in the bridal boutique... I know I always do when I'm there!  Not only is it a beautiful store but the customer service is AMAZING.  Ellalyne and the other ladies always make you feel so welcome and relaxed... and BEAUTIFUL!
Here is what my ladies will be wearing...

This is not the exact color.  My colors for the wedding are a little darker like "watermelon."  It also comes with straps and I'm also thinking of pairing it with a shawl for the ceremony.
Here is my sister aka Maid of Honor...

And my cutiepatootie cousin Sydney aka bridesmaid...

My soon-to-be sister in law Jasmin couldn't make it but has tried on the dress before.  She will also be one of my bridesmaids!

Yay for wedding planning and getting things done!

A couple days after, I went back to try on my wedding dress again.  I was on cloud 9!  I didn't want to take it off!  If anything bad had happened at that moment it wouldn't have phased me. Which here comes my point.  

My daughter was there with me that day and no one had seen her try to climb up onto a chair.  Briana face plants to the ground and starts whaling!  So I go to pick her up (with my dress still on) and she gets blood on me... on the dress.  I was more worried about her condition than of the dresses condition HAH.  We get it off quickly and it's saved without it staining. :) 
As much as I would love to show the world this second, my dress remains to be a surprise for Steve on our special day.  I wonder what his first reaction will be... Cry? Nah, probably not.  But I hope I get him good!

Last Wednesday we went to Fair Oaks Mall to have Briana take pictures with Santa.  She has been talking about Santa for weeks... no joke.  So daddy and I figured ok she will be fine.  I should have thought about the fact that my little lady doesn't like men she doesn't know.  
It was finally our turn and as soon as daddy tries to sit her down... Briana freaks out and has the death grip/clinging for her dear life and will NOT let go.
Santa then says:
"You have two options. 1. You can force her to sit down and have a picture for black mail years down the road or 2. You can sit next to me and take a family photo."
We chose the family photo route!

Steve does not look pleased with Briana's actions but I'm as happy as a little kid! :D

And so finally we are all caught up.  I, as usual am going crazy and doing last minute shopping!
It will definitely be a lot more fun for my kiddo this year.. she is so much more involved.  Can't wait for the festivities this weekend!  


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I love your bridesmaid dresses! That's such a pretty color, I bet the "watermelon" will be gorgeous!

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