My Christmas Story

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Christmas was quite AWESOME this year!  Two days of family and the stuffing of faces.  My stomach was so bloated at one point… yeah, no more of that!  The great thing about my family is, I get two Christmas’.  A Spanish Christmas on Christmas Eve… and the Christmas I’ve spent every year with the family on Christmas Day. J

Christmas Eve is of course spent with the Garcia family.  You can always expect AMAZING food when spending time with them!  This year there was ham, pork, shepherd’s pie, tortellini, ETC.  Steve’s dad makes his traditional Clericot which is basically Sangria.  We don’t open presents til midnight so there’s always a game of Telefunque(sp?) being played to pass the time…  Once midnight hits there’s the passing out of the presents! 

Steve said he wasn't going to get me anything from Coach this year...


Made of real glass from Lucky Clover.  He bought the whole set with matching earrings and a bracelet.  Thanks honey!  Just wanting to share a couple of favorites that I LOVE.

During this exact time last Christmas Eve, Steve proposed to me!  I was oblivious to what was going on with so many people in the room and trying to get Briana to open her gifts.  There was a present made out to me from Briana with a large baby doll inside that said…

What?? I don’t get it! GAH… what a DUH moment for me!  Steve asked his cousin Jonathan to record his engagement plan beforehand since he's pretty capable of keeping his mouth shut...

Last year goes down in the record books for BEST Christmas EVERRRR!

Back to the Present… Christmas morning we went to my mom and sisters house to open gifts.  I do have to say, Briana made out with some good stuff this year!

I did pretty well too!  Thanks Jenny!

In the afternoon we had brunch at my Aunt Linda & Uncle Jun’s house.  I love hanging out with the family.  I wish I could see them more often than I do now.

Anywho, that wraps up our Christmas Holiday.  I hope my family and friends had an amazing time!  Looking forward to the New Year and the first two weeks off of work in January!  5 days to go until the 3 month countdown to the Wedding. Oh em gee!


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