Thursday, December 22, 2011

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I would like to meet the owner of Kids’ Land!  Why do you ask?  Because she (I’m guessing it’s a she) is a fricken’ Genius!  Kids’ Land is located at Potomac Mills Outlets.  It’s a child care center that lets you drop off your children so you can be stress free while you shop.  A nice lady from there also told me that it’s not just for the mall shoppers.  Let’s say Steve and I wanted to go out for a date night… movie, dinner, whatever.  No one wants to babysit my little angel?  Fine then! We can totally drop her off at Kids’ Land.  A W E S O M E.

Tuesday night was the first time we tried it out since we hadn’t even started our Christmas shopping yet HAH!  In order to register Briana, Steve filled out some paperwork and we had to show our ID’s.  There’s a registration fee of $4.00 and that last’s for a whole year.  It costs $8.00 an hour for them to watch her.  I was worried because Bri is normally shy with adults she doesn’t know.  But as soon as she saw all of the toys, slides and moon bounce (“Boon bounce!” As she calls it)  she was practically trying to bust down the door!  And yes if anyone was wondering, there is no way kids can get out and take a run for it lol.    If you have more than one child here’s the price sheet…

And here’s a teaser of Kids’ Land Heaven:

Let me tell you… I didn’t even worry about her while we were gone.  The care givers are wonderful people.  They are very nice and very attentive to the kids.  They are even stocked up with diapers just in case parents forget or if they need to be changed more than once.
Steve and I were gone for two hours on Tuesday and another two hours on Wednesday.  Finally got all my shopping done Yay!  Each time we came back to pick her up the care givers always gave us a great report.  Briana never whined and just played around the whole time.  This shows that they weren’t lying one bit!

Oh and of course as they walk out they get a lollipop (Briana’s language: “Mommy, ahpop!”)

The only bad thing about this place is their location.  It’s in a part of the mall that no one really goes shopping down.  I don't have very good sense of direction... all I can tell you is that it's past the Marshalls on the right hand side and across from the Toyzam.  I feel like most people don’t see it and don’t know about it.  I will continue to go back for sure!  Before I started this blog I was thinking… am I a bad mom to want to leave my child there while I go shopping for fun in the future?  The thing is my child is much happier there than being strapped down in the stroller.  Lord knows if I let her out of the stroller she will raise hell and go nuts!  I hope this reaches out to a lot of my mommy friends.  Check it out.  You will not be disappointed!


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