Our Wedding Ceremony

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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I can't believe Steve and I have been married for almost two months!
Of course not much has changed between us since we've already been living together for 3+ years but that's beside the point.

This year is FLYING!

Well we have been quite busy with the wedding preps, then the actual getting married part.
Oh yes, and then we moved...
and now we're head first into our busy season with our company The Moonbounce Man.
Our busy season started way early this year because of this crazy but wonderful weather we've been getting.  It's a very very GOOD thing.  

Anywho to those that are new here, I've been sharing my wedding with the blog world.  If you choose you can look back to past blog posts for more photos:

Here we go with our Ceremony...

Steve & Pastor Buckingham

The Bridal Party Attendants

Don't they all look so sharp and good lookin'?
Don't forget about the cutest part...

Our flower girls!  My cousin is on the left and my daughter is on the right.

I thought I would have been shaky but as soon as the doors opened...
I felt relieved (and obviously extremely happy) that it was finally happening.

My dear friend Domingo walked me down the aisle.
He was there for me the whole weekend for rehearsals, dinners, etc.
Thank God for him!

I made it down without harming anyone and I didn't trip once.  SUCCESS!

Our Pastor did a beautiful job.  The ceremony was quick and painless.  Thankfully it was only about a half hour because that's all I could really stand if you know what I mean.   

Awwe isn't that sweet.  Tears of happiness?
No, Steve is sweating!

My sister-in-laws sang a song during our candle lighting.
It was such an emotional moment that Leyla started to cry and Jasmin had to finish it up on her own.

Guess who stumbled on their Vows?
This girl right here!
So I lied.  This was the only part during it all where I was nervous.
What I did wrong was thinking too hard about it before it actually happened.  I kept thinking that I would goof and I did.  I had to ask Pastor B to repeat a line.
Of course it turned out ok and I found a way to laugh about it...

You may now kiss your Bride!

We are both obviously very pumped with the end result.
FINALLY Mr. & Mrs. Garcia!


Graceful Disaster...life, parenting and humor said...

Hi Steph!! Hope things are going well...how's the no smoking working out? I tagged you in my most recent post...if you have time and wanna play along :)

Stephy Marie said...

The non-smoking thing is going well thanks! It get's a little easier as the weeks go by..
Thanks for thinking of me and tagging me on your blog post. I promise to get in on it sometime this week! Take care :)

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