A Little Change Will Do You Good...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

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I got my hair chopped off...

I've kept my hair long for the last eleven YEARS.

Anyone that watched this past season of The Biggest Loser knows who Conda is.  I despised Conda with a PASSION!  All of her whining and bullying others made me want to claw out my eyeballs.
But during makeover week they changed her do' and I fell in LOVE with it...

I don't like to change my looks much.  I guess I've just been so used to my hair being long most of my life.. long with no bangs.  I will never ever do the bang thing EVER again.  Why?  Because I have a cowlick and my bangs never stayed where they were supposed to!  I don't know what my mother was thinking.  I really wish I had a picture lying around just to show how goofy it looked HAH!

Here is the ::BEFORE::

....and the ::AFTER::

Thanks to Instagram this photo of me looks AWESOME.

Even though it'll take some getting used to, I'm happy I went through with it!


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