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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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We just moved into our new place back at the end of April and we LOVE it so far.
I haven't had much time to decorate but most of the boxes have been unpacked.
There are TONS of kids in our neighborhood and they have *adopted* Briana into it pretty quickly Thankfully.
The weekly list is...

Ten Words That Describe Our Home

1. Townhouse

2. Extra space

3. Happy

4. Messy

(I wasn't kidding, Yo.)

5. Fun

6. Relaxing

7. Neighborly (The neighborhood loves us especially when we have to inflate our moon bounces to clean them from past events which also ='s play time!)

8. Loving

9. Comfortable

10. A work in progress


AudreyN said...

Great list! It sounds just like a home should be!

Stasha said...

Glad to hear your new house is turning into a home. And trust me, they are ALWAYS work in progress...

Jennifer Worrell said...

Looks a LOT like my house, except for the moon bounces! They totally rock!

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