Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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... I swear I am!

No... I haven't lost interest in blogging.

LIFE has gotten in the way.
It's starting to get a little annoying really.

I moved on the last Thursday in April so there's been lots of...

.... this going on.  Then last week, we cleaned the old house so we can get most of our deposit back.
Let me tell you that I've learned my lesson on not cleaning house often.  It left us with lots to do and we put in a lot of time to get it done.
OH!   And who knew you could accumulate so much STUFF in a 3 year period?!  WOWIE!

I've also completed my first race since the last time I blogged.
I ran in the Rockstar 8k.  It was in Springfield, VA off of Burke Center Parkway.  I finished my 5 mile jog in 54 minutes!  I was super proud of myself because that course was not an easy one.. very hilly!

I'm awesome!

One thing I will never do after a race again:
Go to work a 10 hour shift without a nap.
I was losing my mind...
Lesson learned!

This week will be *Un Packing Week.*  I hope to make time and blog more.
I've also been missing boot camp and have been eating poorly.. so I will be changing that around this week also.

I'm officially in the -NOW- and finally have upgraded to my first iPhone!

Isn't she purty??

One last thing.  Drum roll.....

I haven't smoked a Cigarette in four weeks.

I dislike my job.  Cigarettes were there for me when I got pissed off or frustrated so now I REALLY dislike my job.  When the clubhouse is busy I can get very cranky and bitchy... I hope to God these feelings go away.

But, I am proud of myself.


Sunny Vanilla said...

Found you over at the blog hop! I used to live in Fairfax, Va, so I know Burke Center Parkway pretty well! Crazy small world. Congrats on your big run...hope the job thing works out for you.


Graceful Disaster...life, parenting & humor said...

Go YOU!! On the no smoking and the race...and good luck on the cleaning more often thing.

bonnie-bonnbonnboutiqe.blogspot.com said...

that's awesome that you ran an 8k. I did a 5k and I thought that was hard! found your blog through yesterday's blog hop and man is it interesting!

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