Listicle- 10 Things Husbands SHOULD Do

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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10 Things Husbands SHOULD Do...

1.  Husbands should be aware that even when his wife is having a day from hell, you are still numero uno.  Yes, Very true!

2.  Husbands should come up with an invention that would take away their bear snores... for real, you wont get punched or rolled off the bed any longer!

3. Husbands should let their wives blog anytime they want.  I let you play video games and such, let me do stuff I like without trying to make me feel bad about not spending time with you. 
I love you honey :)

4.  Husbands should let their wives watch those mushy girly movies without the added jokes.  It keeps our little hearts full dammit!

5. Husbands should fart in the bathroom or any other room instead of farting on, or right beside their wives... and then laughing... or making sounds of enjoyment.

6. Husbands should take care of the dishes after the Wifey cooks.  Just a reminder!

7. Instead of calling your Wife crazy (or any other word that will set a woman off) knowing Aunt Flow is in town... just please, leave the room.

8. Husbands should not point out what they think is a terrible purchase.  It's retail therapy and it keeps us happy.

9.  Husbands should take care of all the ugly chores... like cleaning the toilet.

10. Husbands should jump in and take charge of the little munchkin(s) when Mommy is losing her shit.  It REALLY helps a ton.

My husband is pretty good about that, thank GOD!


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