Potty Training in Full Effect

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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We finally made it.
NOW I can stop thinking I'm a bad parent and stop putting myself down.
I was really starting to think I was a lazy-no good-useless human being.

A short conversation two days before we left for our Myrtle Beach vacation:
Baby:  Mommy, GIMME CANDY.
Me: Only if you try to go pee pee or poopy on the potty!
Baby: Ok let's go.

... and then she wanted to go potty all the time.
WTF really... that's all it took?

Obviously super pumped to be wearing her Princess undies.
I was too (Very pumped.)

Her daddy and I have spoiled her with lots of...


When I've read about rewarding your child, I thought well how do you get them off of it?
The treats will eventually phase itself out and it's starting to already.
I notice she doesn't ask for rewards every time like she was doing.
Though when she has to go #2, she remembers that she's getting "Big Candy" afterwards.

Fine with me, keep it up little lady!

Briana loves reading on the potty as well.
My little smarty pants.

She's had some accidents here and there but other than that, my babe is picking up on it SO fast!

I am so proud of her.
Makes me feel like I'm doing something right... so relieved. 
Though I feel like she drives me nuts most of the time,
I'm so blessed to have such an easy going, carefree toddler.

If I had to give any sort of advice to parents with little babies that are starting to show interest in the bathroom...
It would be to not get frustrated.
I got frustrated and it might possibly have been my fault why she wouldn't go to the potty sooner.
Praise him or her.  Tell them how proud your are.
Don't give up.
But don't push them.
They may not be wanting to move along faster than you'd like,
but they WILL get there.


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