Myrtle Beach Vacation

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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My husband, little lady and I went down to Myrtle Beach this past week.
Six days & five nights . . . it was very much needed!

There's this wonderful lady I know that has a house at Long Bay Country Club.  :)
Ten minutes from North Myrtle.  She said I could stay there anytime... so I took her up on the offer.
We met up with my Mother & Father in law, my sister in laws and brother in law.

Golf Course backyard view.

Our room for the week!

Briana played on the piano any chance she got...

Pool/Poker Room.  Where we spent a lot of our time!

Even though my home owner friend wasn't there, she really knew how to be a great host.

I felt right at home!
*My Home Away From Home*
(A much much bigger home at that.)

The first day we arrived, it was raining on and off for most of the day.
So we did lots of relaxin'..

Briana's been bugging her Grandpa to teach her how to become a photographer.

Did a little grocery shopping.

... and some fishing.

We finally got to the beach on the second day!

It was a beautiful day.  It wasn't too hot and the water was perfect.  Baby girl loved it until she got smashed by a wave.  But it happens to everybody, right?

That night we went to The Original Benjamin's Calabash.  I don't know about you but every time I go to the beach I need to hit up a seafood buffet.

This is what happens when you give a child two ice cream cones.

All of us :)

The very next day it rained... AGAIN.
So we took advantage and Steve and I went to get an hour long couples massage.  HOLY HELL it was fantastic!

Us ladies went shopping at the Tanger Outlets which is chaotic with a three year old but it was nice  to shop.

We also cooked/baked a TON!

My mother in law baked her famous Humintas.
It's basically Bolivian style corn bread... L O V E!

I baked Banana bread for the first time.
I didn't realize how easy and fun it would be... SHH.  Don't tell the husband.

 We had family time in the poker room every night we were there :)

More beach time!

Who knew a vacation could be so exhausting? 
The in laws made dinner for us... one of my FAVORITE Bolivian dishes:

Thin beef topped with eggs, salsa (I love to add hot spicyness to it) and a side of potatoes & rice.
Fricken' YUM.

Our last full day of vacation and....
it's another off and on rainy day!
The one week we go down to the beach and it decides to rain.
Ahh well.. we made the best of our day and went to Ripley's Aquarium, had lunch at Key West Grille and of course more shoppin'.

I wanted to stop by South of the Border on the way home.  
It's been almost ten years since the last time I was in that area and let Briana run around for awhile before hitting the long stretch.

Even though it rained three days out of the six we were there, it was an awesome trip.
It was SO nice to get away and just be with the family.


Cassie said...

What a beautiful home! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! You definitely got tons of awesome pictures! I love the black and white fishing pic. Your little girl is too adorable! Good on you guys for making the most of the rain! Glad you had such a good vacay! And hooray for the hour long massage! I could use one of those!

Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...

What a fun vacation!! I want to try some of the Silpancho!! Looks so good! Thanks for visiting my blog...I came to follow back!
~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

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