Friday, August 10, 2012

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This is my first link up with Life Rearranged!
Our week through Instagram....

I had an AWFUL weekend at my place of employment.
Hubs knew what to do and had Briana picked them out.
Good choice!

We had a visitor this week...

Cousins!  They love each other so much and I love seeing them grow up together :)

Besides the week being devoted to potty training, we went out and had a little fun in the sun
at Atlantis water park.

Her newest obsession:  Mermaids

Mommy and me!
I feel like I've been a lame mom this Summer so I've decided to take her to as many water parks as we can before everything shuts down for the season.

I love seeing her have a blast, it really makes me happy... like I'm doing something right ;)


Cassie said...

Aww what a good Hubby! You got a keeper! Your little one and her cousin look a lot alike! Shes adorable! I'm glad i'm not the only one that has been feeling like a lame mom this summer! Waterparks are always a good pick.

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