One Year Twenty Wishes Linky Party

Friday, November 9, 2012

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Truly Lovely

Truly Lovely has started a link up of One Year Twenty Wishes.  Twenty wishes to cross off the list for 2013.  I have to come up with things that I want to do, not need to do for anyone else but me.  Awesome!

Steph's One Year Twenty Wishes:

1. To read Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber!

2. Celebrate Steve & I's one year wedding anniversary by going on a vacation cause supposedly that's what people normally do, right?

3. Deliver a second baby.  Preferably a boy so the Husband can be happy!

4. Go on a ski trip.

5. Run (jog) in a half marathon.  It's pushing my running abilities but if I do proper training, I could pull it off.

6. Attend a blogger conference.

7. Re-vamp my blog design.

8. Start selling add space.

9. Open up my Spanish program... and get for real about learning some damn Spanish!

10. Go on a nice Summer vacation to Myrtle Beach, again!

11. Get my body stronger.

12. Actually making some of the crafts/food recipes that I find on Pinterest.

13. Attend a concert.

14. Take a jewelry making class.

15. Go on a hiking trip.

16. Start reading the Harry Potter series. 

17. Go see one movie a month.

18. Find a way to get away from my current job.

19. Learn how to bake goodies.  Any kind!  I'm new to it :)

20. Visit GA to see one of my favorite Aunt's.

2013 here I come!
I see it being a good year.  It also marks ten years since I graduated high school.


Brigid said...

You can totally run a half-marathon, girl! If my stubby legs did it, anyone can! I'll be rooting for you = )

No one should NOT be well-versed in the Harry Potter series...and I'm not talking the films, obv.

Good luck w/ the baking...let me know if you find a way to enjoy and stick w/ it. I've been trying to motivate myself to get in the kitchen, but take out always wins = /

Jordan said...

I definitely need to learn Spanish already! I took years and years of it in school but it just never stuck. Good luck with your list!

Kassi Mortensen said...

STEPH! You haven't read Harry Potter!?! The shame!!! ;) haha. Also, YOU'LL LOVE Twenty Wishes (the book)! So fun! Thanks for linking with us! Excited to see you mark these fun ideas off!!!! ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

What a fun list!!!! I love it!

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