Friday, November 30, 2012

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Happy Friday everyone!
I have the day off work and it's been fabulous.
Took little lady to preschool, ran a couple errands, went to the gym for an hour and enjoyed watching a couple of my favorite girly TV shows.  Which by the way.. I've put a not-so-boring gym routine together that I think will keep me going back more often YAY!

Five things I'm loving this week:

I conquered this lovely bull last weekend.  Sorry for the poor picture taking as the thing was throwing me around.  Good times.

My love bug.

Found a new restaurant/bakery that carries Bolivian food.
It's closer to our house which means we'll be going there TONS.

The book I'm reading now!

Our Christmas Tree!
AHH, December 1st is tomorrow... can you believe it? 
I can't.  Each year keeps getting faster.

Have a fun weekend!


TorontoRunner said...

she is BEYOND adorable in that picture!!!

hahah I've never ever got on one of those bull riding thingys - looks fun(and kinda scary?!)

Kraus House Mom said...

I would love to ride a mechanical bull, looks so fun. Your daughter is beautiful.

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

You're awesome for getting up on that bull! When I had the chance I was too timid to try, now I would love to :) and that pic of your daughter is too adorable. Enjoy the rest of your day off lovely

Nicole Buckingham said...

oh the bull. I rode one at a county fair in Utah and had a blast. so fun.

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