I Love Me Monday

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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★Snap a self portrait!
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Gangsta, duck lips photo? Bahaha

*I love... taking pictures of myself when I'm feeling pretty.  

*I love... the Fall.

*I love... candy WAY too much.  Chocolate, sweet, doesn't matter!

*I love... reading on my Kindle Fire.

*I love... my smart phone.

*I love... having time to myself.

*I love... having long and hilarious texting conversations with my girlfriend about our mommy lives.

*I love... spending days with my baby girl.

*I love... the Holiday season and hope to decorate more this year.

*I love... what's on my DVR right now.

*I love... that there's a chance of a new President coming into office tomorrow night.

*I love... Zumba.  No, I really don't but hoping I'll get better at it!


Destiny said...

I love having time to myself too, but that never happens! Not even on the toilet! FML

duck face, classic! lol

Thanks for linking up with me!

Stephy Marie said...

Thanks for being an awesome host :)

TorontoRunner said...

Pictures when pretty..fall..chocolates..All my loves tooo!

Zumba - I'm working on getting the courage to go BACK to a class. It was so much FUN but I felt so, sooo lost during it! haha :)

Stephy Marie said...

Same here! I was pretty awful.

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