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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Wahoo for Monday's!  
Oh and Happy President's Day which ='s a nice 3-day weekend for most people.  I had a very nice weekend.  Instead of working the whole time I took Saturday off.. stayed in my pajamas til Noon, went out to lunch with my Mom, and had a fabulous date night with Steve!  We went to Coastal Flats (I've never been.) AMAZING!  After dinner we went to see Safe House (Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds) at Fairfax Corner.  Besides the movie being outstanding, I found a full bar in the theatre.  We didn't grab a drink this time but we'll be bringing them some business in the future that's for sure.

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Now on to showing my favorite Pins of the past week...

For The Hunger Games fans:

SO EXCITED!  I can wait for the movie :)

What I'm reading now... Just in case you were looking for a good read:

Some healthy eats I bumped in to...

Smoothies & Wraps are right up my alley!  Both are easy to prep.  Haven't tried these yet but will soon!

I always love looking into the Humor section of Pinterest:

Vodka Gummy Bears.  So pumped to try this out! My next mixologist project ;)

DIY Projects That are Simple Enough For Me! :

Wedding Invitation Ornament

Scarf Organizer

Easter DIY!

Plastic Egg Wreath


What I Imagine My Dream Home Looking Like...

(maybe minus the colorful deer on the wall!)

Phrases That Stuck Out...


brigidmc12 said...

Love practically everything about this post! I LOVE the Hunger Games and can't wait for the movie in a few weeks! And I love Sophie Kinsella; have you read any of her other books, they're all pretty cute.

I wish I could live in heels all day (I'm only 5'2), too!

And the vodka gummy bears? Absolutely delish = )

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