Sickly Little Me

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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...I thought I was in the clear!
Steve came home sick from his Snowshoe trip a couple weeks back.  He then passed it to Briana who then passed it on to her Abuelita (Grandma.)  Then it sneaks up on me.  ((I shouldn't have let that snotty nose toddler love on me!)) I've been not myself since Monday afternoon BOO.  I told myself I would keep up with my blog but I've been so unmotivated and pooped out.  Today is such a BEAUTIFUL day out but I'm stuck inside.. no fair!  My little 2 1/2 year old must know I'm not well because she's been super sweet and letting me rest.  Love her!

Don't get me wrong... I love my cocktails & wine but I will pass until I'm more up to par!

Tuesday was my Honey's birthday.  He turned 29 years young!  Steve obviously likes younger women (Te-he!)
I sure do love this guy!  I feel terrible that I couldn't have been more loving and exciting on his special day. :(  We went to a new Bolivian place for lunch called Betty's Grill in Sterling.  Pretty good I must say!  The Saltenas & Pique Macho were quite delish.  I did shower him with some new Under Armour and Ecko gear (his fav!)  I also set up a dude date for him for this Saturday with his buddies to go watch fight night at Primetime Sport Bar. 

Things I Love About My Fiance 

*He loves me more than I could imagine anyone ever loving me.
*He. Is. Hilarious!
*The best Daddy to our little girl.  I couldn't have asked for better!

*He's a very hard worker.
*He is very intelligent.
*Quite the handy man (Thank God I don't know squat!)
*He is very family oriented. 
*How he falls asleep in 2 seconds.
*The way he does his hair forward with the little bangs.
*He's open-minded (another thing I learn through him.)
*His smell.
*He has the most beautiful LARGE eyes and long eyelashes (A trait that I'm proud Briana inherited.)
*He's great with technology.
*If somethings wrong, he senses it and wont leave me alone until I share my thoughts.
*He tells me I'm pretty/beautiful.
*He has nice toned calves.
*... and butt.
*He cares about my family.
*He reads my blog (was I not supposed to share that?)
*He wont put up with me taking sh*t out on him when I'm mad.
*He's a better communicator than I.
*He has a big heart.
*He wants to have more babies with me!  
*He can't wait to call me his Wife. Right back atcha!
*He likes it when I buy myself things because it makes me happy.
*He can't wait for me to be a full-time stay at home mommy (and one day for him not to work as much either.)
*He listens to me when I have ideas about our business or things I want to start or change.
*He's still with me after all we've been through with our relationship, having a child, etc!  I see us having a great non-perfect marriage!



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